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I really need to get a computer - updating at work is just not happening. I would normally use my boyfriend's but since he just moved he hasn't had internet access. I am frickin' tired. I was up till 1 o'clock last night (it's a work night ya know). I was baking for our bake sale for United Way today at work. I could have done it earlier but I chose to rent a movie with my boy "Not another Teen Movie" it was okay - I thought it would have been funnier. The special features (dvd) was almost as long as the movie. Then we spent some quality time together - get your mind out of the gutters! It felt good to laugh and fool around - things have been kind of tense lately. I've been doing WAY too much thinking about the *what ifs* of the future. It doesn't help that I'm six years older than him and I know I'll be ready to settle down before him. But I decided to stop dwelling on that and concentrate on the now. No relationship is guaranteed so if everythings going okay now then why rock the boat. I think part of my 'problem' was the way I feel about myself. I have a tendancy to get down on myself when I don't go to the gym for a while (a week) or when I eat out almost everynight (like I did these past 2 weeks). I usually have to get back in the groove of going to the gym and buying some veggies for my fridge and of course listen to some girl-power music to make myself feel better. Have I mentioned that my left bicep is killing me? It is. I decided to do some weights for my arms at the gym last night since I had a couple of minutes to kill. Now my arms are killing me - ironic eh? My parents are taking me out to lunch today. They live a couple hours north of me. I imagine we'll go to McD's since their close and fast - oh joy more fast food! And I just bought a plate of baked goods from the sale for dessert tonight. Let's home my boy makes something healthy for dinner - doubtful I can't remember the last time that boy had a veggie or fruit for that matter. Oh break time - I'm outta here.

10:10 p.m. - 2002-05-06


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