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My Long Weekend

I just downed my coffee and took 2 extra strength tylenols. That about sums up my weekend. It was crazy. The birthday parties pretty much went bust. Our friend from T.O. made it down earlier on Friday than we thought. I had already made plans to go to the movies with my boyfriend, brother and a few other friends. My bf was upset that I wouldn't cancel and hang out with them and eat KFC. I told her I'd call her after the movie and see what's happening. I mentioned that we "might" go out for a few drinks afterwards. I got back at 10 and called them - no answer - so I left a message. I didn't end up going to the bar. J and his 'new' friend went by themselves. I stayed home and played a video game with my brother till 3am (trust me that wasn't planned). Anywho the next day I don't recieve a call from the bf at all. Around 5 o'clock the T.O. friend calls and she says they were out all day and they went down for nap cause they had a late night the night before drinking and partying. This is the point where I got pissed. I asked if they were still going to drink tonight. She said not much. I purposely didn't drink the night before so I wouldn't be doing what they were. Then they mentioned they were thinking of going to a club (rather than the house party). I told them that instead of going over there to drink, as originally planned, I was drinking at J's apt. and they were welcome over. They showed up around 10 o'clock and I was looped. So of course I didn't mention how they pissed me off. Or how hurt I was by the fact they all drank the night before and didn't even call me. I'm not good at confrontation but I may just have to bring this fact up to my bf and let her know I was pretty hurt over the whole thing. I know she did it out of some sort of petty revenge for my not giving in and hanging out with her instead of going to the movies with J and the others. Anyway Sunday was a write-off as I was pretty hung over. I kept eating dry toast all morning and sipping water - it did the trick. Sunday night I watched hockey with the guys. Oh yah on Saturday night J's "new" friend got a girls number and in my drunken state I told him maybe he should break up with the old girlfriend first. Then he informed me he did the night before! Yikes. I'm not sure how I feel about this. This is all I need J going to the bars with the new guy trying to pick up girls. J said he usually initiates the conversations since the new guy is shy. Great. Lovely. I really wish my guy wasn't so outgoing! I suppose this is where the whole trust issue comes into play. I hate the trust thing. It doesn't work for me. My first relationship was nothing but jealousy - and usually for good reasons. So I'm taking it one day at a time. Yesterday J wasn't sure when new guy was supposed to come over and so I told him to call me when he knew his plans. He was surprised I wasn't pissed or upset about this. It felt good. And I really didn't mind since I was trying to clean the clutter in my living room and watching soaps. I finally went over there in the afternoon and stayed until almost midnight. J had to get up at 4:30 this morning so I felt kinda bad for him. Although the guy did decide start another load of laundry at 11:30! He could have stayed at my place and got up half an hour later - men! But this way I did have the bed to myself...ahhhhh. Alright off to earn my salary. ciao.

10:02 a.m. - 2002-05-20


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