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Too many cookies

Well it's the middle of the afternoon and of course I'm not much into working. Loads of work no ambition - hmm sums up a lot in my life. I just finished a coffee and smiley cookie from Tim Hortons. Seriously the last thing I needed was the cookie but a co-worker gave it to me as a way of saying thanks for helping her out with a few jams - now I can't go and throw it back in her face can I? Alright I could have shared it - but what fun would that have been? Okay I can think of a hundred rebuttals for that - never mind. As you can probably tell I'm of course talking about the poundage again. It's very depressing. I'm back into my fall clothes and they're snug on me! I'm ready to cry. My summer of comfy shorts and t's is over! And obviously so is my love of all food good and fattening. I know I eat out to much. And the gym - yah I make it there once a week if I'm lucky. Everyday I tell myself I've got to be more dedicated and blah blah blah but it's like talking to a broken record. I know I don't go to the gym, I know I eat out at 'bad' places - a lot - I know all this. And I am trying to fix it. Seriously stop laughing. I didn't eat out all week so far - big accomplishment. Alright the exercise has been slacking but I went to a tai chi course the other night - alright not really aerobically inclined. I do plan on going to the gym tonight. If these tight pants have anything to say about it I will. What I really want is to see some results even if it's only a pound or two, that would help a lot. I'm on my 3rd type of pill in 6 months and I really hope it has nothing to do with it - I know they say the pill can cause weight gain. But maybe it's just my love of junk food. Anything deep fried and I'm there. And the new McD's health menu - puhleeze - you don't go to McD's to eat healthy! Obviously my way of thinking is not helping me. Don't worry I don't plan on making this my 'fat journal'. I guess now that I'm 'trying' to save money I can walk at lunch instead of 'browse aka shop'. I also ordered the pilates exercise videotapes a month or so ago. I don't usually order anything on those infomercials but I've read about pilates before and it's always intrigued me. I figured I didn't have much to lose at this point (no pun intended). Of course I'm still waiting for the damn tapes and now they're out in stores! I can't buy them in case they do go through my visa. I guess I should be lucky these are my only bigger problems right now (again no pun intended!) But seriously it is hard to look on the light side of life when you look in the mirror and don't like what you see. Well enough of this moping how about I lay off the cookies and junk food and drink a gallon of water a day while exercising daily of course and then we'll talk! Sounds good to me!

2:53 a.m. - 2002-09-26


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