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What a day. I slept in until noon and still the day seems so long. Maybe it's because I haven't done much of anything all day. I went out shopping for a while but I didn't buy zilch. I'm shopping for sport bras and such. Man those things are pricey. Sure I can go to Walmart or Zellers and spend $20 on a piece of material that kills my back and shoulders but still I hesitate to spend $50 on one piece of material that I'm just gonna sweat in! I've bought the cheep ones before and it's just not worth it. I have quite a large bosom shall we say and it's all about comfort - or at least it should be - tell that to my wallet! I'm hoping to go to a 'super' outlet store next weekend so hopefully I'll find something there. My weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday we rented a few movies, we watched - Murder by #'s. It could have been better but it was okay. Saturday we went to a party but everyone was heading out to drink at a bar but we were all geared up to keep it a cheep night and drink our own booze. Plus I didn't know any of the people and they were young university snobs. The girls moreso than the guys - of course. They were like 21 & 22 and snooty as could be. They have their own 'cliques' and they don't really let other girls in. I had brought my friend T and we made fun of them (under our breath of course). T is their age but she is way older in maturity. She's a very cool gal. We went to the party cause it was a friend of J's and it was his b-day. Afterwards we walked back home (no drinking and driving for us!) and watched part of Office Space (a very hilarious movie for anyone who works in a office!). Then we caught the last hour of Saturday Night Live - still not funny. We called it a night around 2 or so. I didn't accomplish my mission of getting drunk - that sucks cause I was really looking forward to it. Oktoberfest is coming up so maybe then. Although I don't know if we're even gonna make it out this year. My best friend S is pissing me off royally. For my birthday a few weeks back we were gonna get together have cake and coffee and just..hang out - which was cool because we rarely see eachother anymore. On the day of she was all pissy and wanted to cut the night short cause she wanted to go out and eat with her boyfriend. No special occasion they just wanted to go out and eat. I know it sounds petty but it striked a nerve - you don't do that to a friend. I'm trying to let it go -really. I've only spoken to her through email and even then I make a few pointed remarks about what she did. So yah we're the ones who usually plan Oktoberfest and get the tickets etc. etc. so I have no clue how it's going to go. For all I know she's got her own tickects and I can go f*ck myself. But this could be all in my head. I really should be at home right now cleaning my kitchen with the crap load of dishes from last week and I want to make a stir-fry so I can have it for a couple of days next week - eating healthy and all that crap. I've still been eating out but the healthier you try to eat the more it costs you - what's up with that? Why is grease cheaper? I couldn't remember my pastword to log onto diaryland since I usually log on at work. I have so many frickin' passwords! I have at least 5 for work and then my banking one and my hotmail account and this one! I should make them all the same but they're all related with variations which probably only makes it worse. Wow I believe I just nodded off...boring myself to death! I think it's time to say goodbye to J and head home to do some housework - oh yay. I took my air conditioner out today - sad sad day. But on the upside I think I'm gonna put my duvet back on my bed..ya baby. Is it wrong to get sauced on a Sunday night? Yah I suppose it is. I'm dying of thirst - a side affect from drinking all that water during the week. When I stop on the weekend my body gets pissed. Oh yah the other movie I watched yesterday was Death to Smoochy. Not at all like I thought it would be but still entertaining. Alright keep it real. Maybe I'll go and read some diaryland diaries. I'm trying to find ones that have 'older' people writing them. I'm sorry I just can't relate to "johnny doesn't like me anymore..I wanna die...oh well..I have a math test tommorow..ciao! Or worse the ones that act like they're so much older cause they screw any guy -'s called growing up people. To each his own I guess. It's not like this diary would be that appealing to anyone any age right now! Hell even I'm outta here....

5:54 p.m. - 2002-10-06


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