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Someone's got a case of the Monday's...

The day started with me not wanting to get out I didn't. My boss wasn't in today, I was tired so I stayed in bed for an extra half hour. I finally got up at 8:30 hopped into the shower and then called my co-worker to tell her I'd be late. Even with that it's still Monday and it's still a blah day. The weather isn't helping, one minute the sun is shining the next it's lightly raining the next it's down pouring. Oh and of course there's a strong wind that never leaves. Sigh. I would have walked at lunch today but I wore my work shoes and not runners to work today. And as much as I love blisters I'll pass. know it's Monday. I stepped on the scale today I think I may have lost a pound..even two! Not much but hey it's better than going up! Of course I just had chips for lunch...what's that step forward, two steps back? I plan on making a stir fry when I get home and I hope to have extras for my lunches this week. I was gonna make it last night but I had no rubber utensils and didn't want to scratch my new wok.

Oh man it's been an hour since I started this entry! My best friend S just called - and yah there's no hard feelings on either part - damn that girl - I can never stay mad at her. We're trying to plan Oktoberfest and gossip. My ex just got a girlfriend (after over a year). Apparently she's hot but she's also just in the middle of getting a divorce. Hmmm can we say baggage? Yah so I'm happy for him regardless. He's a miserable s.o.b. and if he can find happiness - so be it. I mean he'll never find anyone as amazing as me so he can settle for second place..ha ha just kidding. We were pretty good together in the beginning but yah he's got baggage about women and yet always accusmed me of having baggage! Personally if you don't have baggage when you're our age then really, somethings wrong with you! Anyway after that 45 minute call with my girlfriend I gotta get my butt in gear and actually do a little work. BTW the title is a line from Office Space....too funny.

2:08 a.m. - 2002-10-07


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