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Well give me a gold star - I remembered my password for diaryland the first time! Well I made it to work on time (give or take 5 minutes). I made breakfast at home today rather than eat my cereal at work. I'm trying to use up the tomatoes my parents gave me. Oh how does that tie in? Well I made a tomatoe sandwich of course! I tried making 'fried tomatoes' the other night (yah I'm desperate) and let's just say tasty is definately not the word I'd use to describe these, more like ick. Not good at all. But at least I was legitmately using my tomatoes up and not just trashing them like I do when they eventually shrivel up and die in my fridge. Speaking of dead things I was thinking about flowers the other day. I like flowers, the look, the feel, the smell. But when I buy them it seems I can't wait for them to die! It's like everyday I'm checking to see if I can chuck them. The water goes all icky, one by one the flowers start to die, the petals fall off, the smell becomes funky and the flowers just aren't fun anymore. I own exactly 2 plants. One aloe and green thing that my best friend gave me when I moved in to my first apartment 2 years ago. I just about let the poor thing die. I kept it hanging in a dark corner in my living room, watered when I remembered (never) and once in a while picked dead leaves off it (a lot). One day I took it down and it had about 2 leaves left on it that were I put it beside the window (sunlight!), watered that sucker every other day and boom it came back to life! I was a miracle worker - well at least I felt like it. I haven't tried to expand my plants as I have a small apartment and barely have room for the 2 I have now. Hmm where was I going with this? Ah yes the flowers. Flowers are different you see, flowers have a short life expentancy and it's just too much work for something that's gonna die so soon. Okay that just sounds bad...

Well I should work now. I was answering phones for the last while so I didn't mind goofing off writing this but now my duty is over and I have to go back to the real work. Woohoo. I would rather be outside...the day has turned gorgeous. This morning it was was 4 degrees when I left for work..I almost wore gloves, but it's just to soon! But at lunch the sun came out and the breeze was cool but not cold..and..I could have walked for the rest of the afternoon! Ahhh bliss. Walking in the sunshine and getting exercise at the same time, who would have thunk it? Stupid work getting in the way!

2:33 a.m. - 2002-10-08


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