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Well this entry has to be snappy, it's almost lunch time a.k.a. walking time and I have to pee. Sorry 'bout that but it's true. I had a great long weekend. We left on Saturday to visit our parents and stopped at my sports outlet store and I spent way to much money. Of course I fell in love witht he reebok pants I bought and now I must must must go back for more! Seriously I must. We'll see what happens. I ate 3 Thanksgiving meals - yah 3! I tried to keep the portions down though..pacing myself. The dessert is another story...c'mon homemade pies! Yum yum.

Now I'm gearing up for Oktoberfest. I bought the tickets before I left on Saturday - again I got stuck buying the tickets. But I was smart this year. Last year I bought all the tickets on my visa and when half the people backed out I had to hunt them down for the money. So by the time I got the money I never did put it back on my visa. This time I bought the tickets for my friends with cash. And I bought the tickets S asked me to buy for her (5 in total) with my visa. I have already told her that she is responsible for those 5 tickets. If people don't show (her people) then she is the one who has to deal with it. Yes, I did give myself a pat on the back for this. I'm really hoping that my ex boyfriend's sister L can make it. She is such a cool person. But I didn't give her much notice and she works most weekends so I'm not holding my breath.

My left arm is killing. I was holding my nephew who's 8 months old yesterday and the little bugger wasn't having any of it. I would have let him down to crawl but we were outside (frost on the ground!) and he had no shoes. His mom was busy helping winterize their trailer so he was stuck with his aunt. He was a squirmy one..and heavy! Of course now I know how to build muscles - carry babies around all day!

Well by the time of the clock (and my bladder) it's time to go walk. I usually drink so much water before I leave that I have to stop at the washroom at the park. But I don't know how much longer it will be open, I think it's seasonal.

This afternoon had better go fast, I'm freakin' tired. I have to clean my apartment this week cause I think I'll be having people over on Saturday before we go out boozing. Just thinking of cleaning makes me want to lay down and sleep. Oops I think I said I was going now!

1:00 p.m. - 2002-10-15


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