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Stupid Passwords!!

If I could 'do-over' yesterday I would in a heartbeat. Oh my day at work was fine. It was the phone call from J in the middle of the afternoon. He called me from work (in the middle of nowhere using his boss' cell phone) to ask me to get him Foo Fighter tickets that were going on sale at 5 o'clock through ticketmaster online only. Easy enough or so I thought. I called my brother and he got on the Foo web site and had it all ready for 5 o'clock. I left at 4:25 and practically ran home, got changed and ran out the door, jumped in my car and got to his place at 4:45. That's the normal time I usually just walk through my door! So I get my visa and my brother and I are waiting till the ticketmaster thing shows 'buy tickets now'. Finally at 5:01 it does. We click on it and then realize they want a password! A password - what the hell?! So we go back on the Foo website look around and they mention something about a sending a password via email. So we hack into his email (okay so I guessed and was correct) and there's no email! So back to the website (keep in mind the internet is damn slow) we look through the Foo website and finally find the damn password. By this time it's 5:15 - we go back to ticketmaster enter the password and all the info and.....the concert is sold out. Yah in 15 minutes. Granted it was a small venue but still. We kept trying though for an extra half hour (just in case) but to no avail. It was 6 o'clock and he was expected home in an hour so I went to the grocery store and got some stuff for dinner and then grabbed a quick hair cut (and I mean quick - I mean it was First Choice so it wasn't a fancy salon I was going to. I just wanted the dead ends cut off my hair). Anyway I made it back before J did. That was the worse half hour! When he walked through the door or should I say ran through the door he was so excited. I told my brother that I'd talk to J alone or else J would think we were playing a joke on him. To say J was upset would be an understatement. I felt so bad. I just wanted to go back in time (knowing about that damn password) so I could do it all again. He didn't blame me. But I sorta do. I just felt so bad. This is the guy who stood out in the freezing cold with me for an hour and a half so I could get a picture of Michael Bolton - yah my favourite (I know - we're opposites). But the piont was he stood out in the cold, in fact he was the one who made me stay cause I wanted to give up. He persevered and I not only got Michael's picture but got to meet him - thrill of a life time! I wanted that for J! We may be going to Toronto on Monday to see if he can at least watch Intimate and Interactive at MuchMusic. At this point I'd pretty much do anything for him. At one point when we were searching for the password I told my brother that I wish J would call us and tell us where to look and I was a little miffed that he wasn't calling. I found out later from J that his boss (who's younger than him!) locked his cell phone and refused to let him use it. I swear if I could send bad vibes to him I would. The guy is a class A jerk. It doesn't help that his girlfriend is one of my good friends. That totally bites. I won't hold it against her but all the same I won't ever look at him the same again. Yah so that was a nice emotionally charged evening. I think I cried more than him about it. Yah he shed a tear - I mean c'mon it's his favourite band of all time and they haven't been here in 5 years! But I was so upset that I couldn't get the stupid tickets. If only I had it to do over....

1:00 p.m. - 2002-10-22


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