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Well not a lot to say today. Just kinda killing time until lunch. I'm gonna walk home and get my car. My co-worker has her car in the shop. I was debating the point of getting my car but then I realized if I got my car I could leave from work and go straight to the gym - yah I know exciting stuff. I haven't been to the gym in literally ages. I haven't done my pilates either lately. My brother has my vcr right now. Of course that's only for the last 3 days or so. There's no excuse before that. But whatever. Let's not talk about exercise!

I tried a new recipe with ranch dressing mixed with pasta and veggies - sounds good huh? It's not. Well I should say it's not that good when it's warm. It's okay when it's cool but I won't be making that again.

Let's see what else. I started x-mas shopping. Okay I technically haven't but I ordered a bunch of stocking stuffers from Avon so that kinda counts. My family puts a limit on the price of our gifts for eachother since we're not what you would call rich. We actually do the old fashion thing where it's not the gifts that counts it's being with eachother. For the most part this works. But let me tell you when you get a cheep, impractical gift from certain family members it is indeed about the gift! Last year my gifts were kick ass. I bought all the men in my family these really nice sweater/coats at this store that was going out of business. Normally these were forty dollars or more but I was getting them for fifteen. So I stayed under the price and my gifts were cool. I just wish other people could be as gift savvy as me. I think I might have mentioned the pajama incident before - not in detail. I got this pair of pajamas from my brother and sister in law. They weren't really my style and I could tell from the tag they got them at Zellers. So I went to exchange them thinking I could get something I liked. Well it turns out they bought the pajamas on sale....for a dollar! Yah one buck. I was flabbergasted more than anything else. There's being cheep and then there's this. I mean I could see if they were nice pajamas - then yah..bargain! But they weren't! It didn't help that I had witnesses to this little moment. Yah so that's always in my mind whenever I get a gift from these relatives. I'm not all about the gift but I am all about thoughtfullness. I never get somebody something cause "I" like it - I try to think of their personality and go from there. But then maybe this is just me. I like when people are happy with the gifts I give them.

Well anyway I killed 10 minutes here. Yay. Sorry this entry had to be so dull. Although I don't know who I'm apologizing too I doubt if anyone reads this! I just like to pretend people do. Have you seen how many diary's there are here? Literally hundreds. You have to wade through a lot of crap-o-la ones to get to a half decent one. Wow don't I sound conceted there huh? Not that mine is all that or anything. But I do aim to entertain. Not that you can tell from this entry. Alright now I'm babbling. I'm gonna go take a walk to my car!

12:54 p.m. - 2002-10-23


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