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Yay GBS Weekend!

Well just a few minutes left, then it's home time. It couldn't be soon enough for me. Work is so slow. Part of my job was taken away which was about half my day of work. So now I have to keep looking busy...I don't want more work - yet. I need a little break. It's nice to catch up on other things - make new documents - learn how to do all the stuff I didn't know how to do and just put in a big file away from my desk.

Anyway I'm ready to go home and crash. I didn't go to bed once this week at a decent hour. Thank God I can sleep in tommorow. Speaking of tommorow...tommorow I'm going to see Great Big Sea! Hey I'm from Nova Scotia - they rock. I saw them a few years ago my boyfriend at the time was really upset cause I was going with a guy who had a crush on me - my current boyfriend. And yes, he was right to be concerned. That's all I'm going to say about that. Yah so we checked out our tickets a few days and just noticed now it says general admission. I thought we had assigned seats so this was a shock to me. I've never been to a general admission concert unless it was a festival or something. This should be interesting. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. I want to pick up a pumpkin and start hacking away at it. Tonight I just want to chill. J may be practicing with the band so I can do whatever. I'm thinking of gym and laundry...exciting life I lead eh? Well the laundry is in dire need, the piles are taking over my room. And I have all this halloween crap I keep meaning to put up but instead is just laying on my floor. I am a complete slob. I try and be neat but my apartment is small and I'm a packrat - not a good combo. I blame my parents. They keep everything. And then when I do toss stuff I usually end up looking for it later on. I just can't win for trying.

I went to the Sears Outlet today and saw the coat I've been wanting. It's black wool or something, mid thigh, with a hood. It was under $60 and nice. But it was 2 sizes too big. I looked like I was wearing my dad's coat! I was tempted to buy it anyway but I had to talk myself out of it. I can be such a whacker like that. It's like I think if I buy it, it will magically be what I want when I get home!

Well 10 minutes until I leave, time to clear up the desk and then head out 5 minutes early..he he

4:14 p.m. - 2002-10-25


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