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Hump Day

Wow that was interesting. Yesterday I was going to post an entry and wanted to review some of my old ones only to find out - the most recent entry was in May! I had been posting all these entries but they weren't showing up. The problem was fixed. But yah - just weird. I thought they may have been lost forever. Not that they're all that important.....

Anyway what a morning. I woke up at 3 or so to a charley horse in my left calf (exactly one week ago this also happened). Then about an hour later my humidifier sounded weird so I checked on it and sure as anything it had leaked all over my bedroom floor. So I had to drag the mop out...not a happy camper. I could go on with my whining but I've ranted to my friends already. Now I'm in the midst of negoitating a girls weekend. It's supposed to be this weekend but there's only 3 of us that can make it. The other 2 are busy. I'm trying to work on T since she's a partier and she's not giving me any good reasons why she can't make it - cross your fingers! My best friend S can make it and so can my ex-co-worker C. The only problem is C's not a drinker. And she can be sorta practical. Not spur of the moment, act like an idiot kinda gal. So I'd rather it be larger numbers. But getting another weekend where we can all be together before x-mas is going to be next to impossible. No I'll go ahead and say it - it will be impossible! So that's our dilemma. I'm trying to get everyone's opinion and then we'll go from there. Of course we have to take into consideration booking the damn room. I hadn't figured that one in so it could all turn into a nightmare. Okay not that bad but you get the picture.

My boy's meeting me for lunch today - yay. He asked me. Yay again. I had brought my lunch but I can save my sandwich for tommorow and I think the dressing for my salad has gone bad - it tasted funky.

Well my brain is just not into this entry today. So I think I'll cut it short. If I think of something interesting to write I can add on later. Plus it will give me an excuse to make sure my entry is actually there!

Mmmm Pita's for lunch. It's been a while.

12:36 p.m. - 2002-11-06


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