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I'm tired. I was up early exercising - 4th morning in a row - I know I can't believe it either! Plus I've been going to the gym after work...I'm doubling up my effort I would like to fit into my clothes comfortably - soon! Tonight we're taking my brother out for wings. It's also turned into a mini going away party for the ex who's moving to Halifax. T is coming over after work and we're gonna get a head start on the festivities. The ex has asked if I can drop him off at the airport on Saturday. His family apparently can't/won't do it - a loving family unit they are. And his girlfriend doesn't drive or have a car. Originally he wanted her to come so they could lip lock until his plane took off but I kiboshed that. I'm heading to my parents this weekend with my brother and J. So it's a one way ride only. Unless his gal wants to go north for a few days she's outta luck. I got him a going away present - yes I am that good...and nice. It's just a journal and a pen, so he can record his excursions like he did so many years ago. Plus I got him this cheap figurine (of a fat fisherman) that's supposed to be comical - let's hope he can take a joke. You won't get that cause I can't really say what he's going to do. I guess I should get my brother a b-day cake for tonight. Kinda forgot. Of course this driving him to the airport means no sleeping in on Saturday since we gotta leave by 8:30. Before that I have to get an oil change and fill up on gas. Luckily I got paid today.

J is looking for a job. This one has pretty much run out of hours. It's seasonal and the weather has been crap. He has an interview tommorow so I'm crossing my fingers. There's nothing worse than a poor boyfriend! Who will buy me flowers?

Oh I got to remember to get my bagel bites out of the freezer before I leave work - T will be very disappointed if I don't have them. I have to dash off to the gym right after work and then dash home and clean up my place so it's semi decent for company. In between I should probably buy a cake. No rest for the wicked. Oh and I have to remember my camera for tonight - I'm crazy about pictures. I just never get around to putting them in an album - I'll have to rectify that soon.

As well as exercising yesterday morning and going to the gym after work I also went swimming in the evening. I know I'm an animal! But I had my heart set on swimming. I was supposed to go with S but she stood me up. Apparently she 'forgot' we were supposed to go. So I went solo. I actually did laps too. I amazed myself. I know what you're thinking, after all this exercise and healthy eating I've been doing I should have wasted away to nothing by now....I think that too.....sure it's only been 4 days...but still....c'mon....wouldn't that be so cool? Ah well off to the gym I go. Maybe I won't just stare at the equipment today...maybe I'll try it out.....he he

4:10 p.m. - 2002-11-14


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