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Never enough sleep

I think I might have mentioned before about how much Monday's annoy me? Well they still do. I'm at reception all week so that means my work gets behind and I'm bored for most part of the day. Of course this morning was an exception cause it was crazy busy. I didn't get a heck of a lot of sleep this weekend. I was up at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Dropped the ex off at the airport on the way up north. I'm over the whole seeing him go now. Yah it's sad but it's not like we hung out more than once every 3 months or so. His family lives here but I do wonder if I will ever see him again. He really has no reason to contact me if he does come to town. I'm sure contacting his ex is not a high priority.

I was a cranky girl this weekend. In church everthing J was doing was bugging me. His singing was totally annoying me and I think he meant to do that. He was singing loud and totally monotone - no up or down - nothing. Of course he can't really sing all that great to begin with but I know he can hold a tune. I think it was his way of rebelling for me making him go to church. But that's the price you pay when you date a minister's daughter. Then he was all cranky when we were holding my brother's b-day party. Most of my family couldn't make it cause of the weather so it was only a small gathering. J fell asleep on the couch and my dad woke him up by poking him in the face (all in good fun of course). I thought J was going to tell him off. Godd for him that he didn't. But he wasn't the most pleasant to be around for a while. The drive home found him in better spirits. We stopped off and saw my brother and his family for a short visit and then stopped and saw my gram. Once one the highway there were tons of accidents all over the place. We ended up coming to a complete stop on the 401. I ended up turning off my car cause they were cleaning up a very recent accident. The rest of the trip home was pretty eventless. We made it in around 10:30. I walked through my door, threw my stuff on the floor and headed for bed - I was so beat. I slept like a baby...until 5 o'clock when J called to tell me was sick. I sympathized and then went back to sleep for a few more hours. I'm going over there tonight after the gym to feed him soup and vitamins. This is the first year he's been sick more times than me - knock on wood. Of course I try and take my vitamins every day - or when I remember. But I think it helps. I didn't exercise this morning. I couldn't have dragged my body out of bed even if I wanted to - it totally refused to get up until the very last minute. Even then I didn't have time to make my breakfast or lunch. I didn't end up eating bk until 11 o'clock! I know - insane! Thank goodness my boss is away for another week - I still have her parking spot. I love driving everyday. Going home for lunch. It's the best. It will be torture when I have to start walking again.

I'm still trying to get this girls weekend going. I've decided I'm going to choose 2 weekends - either Friday or Saturday - I'm not picky. And if at least one other person can make it then we'll go away. If not I'm gonna grab the boy and we're gonna go and have ourselves a good time by ourselves. The only reason I haven't done that already is cause I promised the girls we'd go away. But c'mon I can only go so far in arranging a time we can all go. I figure I tried my best and now it's up to them to push for it or change their plans if they really want to go. Sounds fair to me! Either way I'm going...can't waste a free night at a hotel.

3:13 p.m. - 2002-11-18


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