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Short one

The day is almost over..well the work day anyway. I can't say it seemed long because it didn't. It went kinda fast. Which I won't complain about. Although it was the day that I thought of a million websites I wanted to go on. C'est la vie - maybe tommorow. Tonight is Survivor - yay. Just me and my bro tonight watching it. J will be practicing with the band. Last night ticked me off. I was all set at 9 to watch the Gilmore Girls and what was on at 9 was Victoria Sluts...or something like that. Like I need to watch half naked women prance across my screen. Ticked me off I tell ya. Me, T and S went swimming last night. Although I did way more swimming last week than this one. We tend to gab more than swim. But I did go on the slide more than last week. Let me tell you there's a helluva lot of stairs to climb to go down that slide so it's a workout in itself. I'm probably not making sense since the security is standing behind the counter yapping at me. He must be pretty damn bored. Here I sit typing this and he keeps talking. He's not really getting the hint. I finally booked the girls weekend get away. I think only 3 of us can make it but I don't care - we're the fun ones so that's all that matters. I'll be going away 2 weekends in a row. Once with C to London for a night in a posh hotel for free (bonus from work) and then the weekend after with the girls for free (bonus for bitching about the mistakes they made last time I stayed there). Well I think I should boot this computer down now. 10 minutes and I'm outta here. I'm heading over to the gym - I am such a trooper. My ass is sore for some reason - yah not for any of those reasons! I think I must have been doing ass exercises in my sleep. Works for me though. I didn't exercise this morning. I had good intentions of going to bed early and even made it in bed for 11. Unfortunately I had a diet coke before bed and I'm thinking it was the caffeine that led to my inability to fall asleep. I was so pissed. J called at midnight and I whined and was a cranky puss during the whole conversation. I just wanted to fall asleep I didn't think that was asking too much!

Let's hope for a better sleep tonight. No caffeinated beverages in the evening for me! I need my sleep!

4:11 p.m. - 2002-11-21


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