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Oh man I just spent the last while entering a pretty boring entry and I hit some button and lost the whole thing. I don't even know what I did. Stupid computer. You never blame the user - that's rule number one.

I don't know what I even wrote. I think I mentioned how tired I was and how I was really looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. Um...something about taco bell and coffee not going together. That was just something I was throwing out there. The last thing I was going on about was sex. I was mentioning that I'm like a 16 year old is all I can think about. It's probably cause I can't have it since the boy is sick. I feel like the hookers in Pretty Woman, we can have sex but we can't kiss (germy). Sex without kissing just isn't as fun. Ya gotta get all slobbery and hot and wet....okay this isn't really helping me gotta think about other things.

Today is my last day at reception - yay. No more boring phones to answer. I have a lot of journals to catch up on. I have them bookmarked on my computer so I haven't read any in a week or so. I've been playing solitaire on the computer like crazy though. Our company took games off the computer so we couldn't even play solitaire. We found a way around that though. So now I'm addicted. Well until I win that is, and then the thrill is gone and I have to go find something else to do.

I think I'm gonna go see 8 Mile this weekend. J has been wanting to see it forever. I keep bugging him cause the movie is 'loosely' based on his life. I think it should either be about his life or not...none of this loosely shit. I like to know what is real and what isn't.

I was so happy to see Penny go last night on Survivor. She's bugged me from day one. It didn't help that she had that huge forehead! The sales car guy is so funny...when they show who they voted for as the credits are rolling, they always show him writing the name never holding it up. I don't know if he doesn't hold up the sign or maybe he just doesn't get it...either way it's pretty funny.

Well almost quitting time. Time to pack up, literally, since Monday I'll be at my own desk - yay! At least I can never say this is a dull job - we're always doing something different! Although I can really do without answering these phones - people are on my last nerve I swear. They're all calling and asking stupid ass questions. Plus the people who they're calling put their phones and call forward and seem to never call them back. I want to make all those shit heads answer the phones for a day and find out what it's like to have everyone and their mother complaining that they can't get hold of them and they left 10 messages during the week and still no call back. Disgusting is what it is. Whoa - I'm a cranky girl aren't I? I think I should shut down and leave...yes..that's what I'll do...leave this place for a few days...later.

3:58 p.m. - 2002-11-22


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