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I'm back. I was a little under the weather so I left early Tuesday and took yesterday off. Even though I could have pushed myself to come to work I decided heck I'm worth it - plus you know I've barely used any of my sick days they give me! Yesterday after I slept in till 11:30 and was awoken by T who called to see what's wrong with me I got up and took a nice long hot shower. Then I leisurely got ready and headed to the mall to meet J for lunch at his new job. We ate some A&W - I ordered a chicken burger and then realized I wanted a hamburger instead so I gave the chicken burger to J and ordered a hamburger - just call me Ms Indecisive. Then I wandered the mall for an hour or so - that was sooo bad. I couldn't find anything to buy. I bought a few gifts for people but really I should have accomplished more with barely any crowds in the mall. But I just wasn't in the mood to shop. After that I went back to visit J and he was able to leave early so we went to another mall and I bought a few more small gifts - one for J..he he..then we made our way to the movie store and rented a couple of movies - Life as a House (I cried..a lot) and the new cartoon't think of the name right now but Ray Romano and Dennis Leary are in it (very funny). We had pizza for dinner - those small frozen ones - I had a craving for them on the weekend so I bought some and J said he didn't like them but he had one anyway and lo and behold he decided they were pretty tasty.

Last night was pretty much our Friday since I'm supposed to go away with C to London for a night at a posh hotel and J's band is playing in his band that night. Tonight he's practicing with the band so we'll only see eachother for a little bit when I pick him up from work - I know I'm the best girlfriend of all time - he tells me that a lot. This morning I made him a kick ass lunch. 2 tuna sandwiches on buns, a banana, 2 oranges, 2 cans of pop and cookies. For myself I have a frozen 'low fat' lunch. I thought I was supposed to meet S for lunch but she never called so I guess we'll postpone it till next week.

Tonight I'm gonna watch the cartoon movie with my brother since we have to have it back by 11 tonight. And we can also watch Survivor since I taped it last night. Then I should probably pack for tommorow night. And maybe give the apartment a once over so it will look decent. Oh and pay some bills...pretty important. But somehow I keep forgetting.

I'm on a kick ass roll at work. Getting loads of work done. A weeks worth in fact..maybe even 2 weeks worth. I didnt' go out at lunch since it's snowing like a s.o.b. Makes me wish I had my contacts on for the walk home but unfortunately they're missing. Yah they're in my glasses case which is somewhere - either in my car or in my apartment somewhere. I'm sure I'll find them least I hope.

I just took a cold pill since my headache is starting up again. I got the generic pills that the drugstore sells. They have the same ingredients in them (I checked) but they packaging is so annoying. The nightime and daytime writing on the capsuls is so faint that I have to hold it several ways before I can tell which one I'm supposed to take. I would hate to take a nightime one by accident.

Well my lunch is just about up and since I'm on a working kick I should try and stay motivated. I'm leaving early tommorow so that's also why I'm actually working real hard today. I would like to leave my desk as liter free as possible. I really hope it stops snowing. C gets all freaked in weather like this and I don't want her to cancel tommorow night. Free food, free hotel, free hockey game. Cross your fingers for me.

1:51 p.m. - 2002-11-28


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