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Long lost memories

Finally Friday - yay. Well I went to the Super gym last night and it super sucks. It was not all good. The place is huge - true. But there were a lot of people there - packed. It was very bizzare seeing men walking around. Then me and S almost got kicked out cause of our 'indecent' attire. We had shirts sleeves - gasp! Apparently they have a dress code - we didn't know this. So we felt out of place to say the least. We did work out but it was half assed. We then went in the hot tub which was the best part. They didn't have a sauna, instead they had a steam room. It was my first time going in one - brutal! You totally can't breath. Apparently it's great for your skin, if you don't pass out that is! We could only stand it for one minute. The showers were brutal. They're all glass - frosted glass - but you can still watch the person beside you do a nice erotic soapy wash! Plus it took us 5 minutes to figure out how to turn them on. Not good at all. But we've decided we'll give it a few more go's before we totally give up on it. This time with proper attire!

So J called yesterday. He's in bad financial difficulty. He found another job that will be full time but only pays minimum wage. It starts Monday and he needs money for bus tickets. I'm loaning him some. I don't mind loaning my friends money....well good friends...friends I know will pay it back. I know J is good for it. He's going through a tough time and unfortunately his family can be asses. See break my heart and I'm still an excellent friend.

He's coming over tonight after work to get the money. We're toying with the idea of sex. How wrong is that?! I'm pretty certain it's gonna happen. I know I know...wrong wrong wrong...but so so good. We'll see what happens.

I'm heading to my guy friend's tommorow. I decided what the hell - life's short and it's not like there's anything holding me back this weekend. I was thinking about going at the end of the month but it looks like we'll be trying on dresses for the bestfriend's wedding then. So he's all hyped about my visit. I'm still angling for that free meal! But it will be cool to see his place. Sometime's he can be stuffy so I'm hoping it will go well this weekend.

I'm just in the middle of reading something I wrote back in '97 when a bunch of friends and I went to Mexico. I have a tendency to forget details so I guess I wrote a little 'essay' on our trip. It's a riot reading this. In the writing I made light of the bad parts - the fights me and my then boyfriend had while we were there. But those memories dont' have to be written down - they tend to stick in my head! But while reading this it's made me realize that life takes some unexpected turns but in the end it all turns out okay. I thought I would marry my ex R. We were together for almost 7 years. Sure we fought and broke up a lot but I thought it was a sure deal. There was no other guy for me. But as it turned out we broke up and life went out. I met another love of my life and now that's over. But reading this essay has made me realize that just because life doesn't turn out the way we expect doesn't mean I won't be happy again. Doesn't mean I won't find another love of my life - maybe one for keeps. It's given me hope for the future. Who knew that writing down memories from a trip would turn out to be a lifesaver for me? Just goes with my dad's theory that everything happens for a reason. I love that saying. And I do believe it. It's just like the say, you have to taste the bitter to savour the sweet....or else you just take life for granted. Whoa who's miss philisophical?!

Well here's to a good weekend.

12:56 p.m. - 2003-01-17


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