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Customer Service? What's that?

So, I'm sitting here not even pretending to work. I'm making lists. I am the queen of lists. Of course when I need these lists I can never find them. So I make new ones. It's a vicious cycle. I find lists everywhere when I clean my apartment or even when I clean my desk at work.

Well that was a lie. I'm working my butt off. These phones are busier than all get out! Our receptionist is away (again) today and I'm the back up on phones. I hate phones. Everyone whines, that's all they do. Somedays I just want to tell people to suck it up and then press the release button - ah the freedom - ah the unemployment.

Well I have loads of work sitting around my desk but no desire to do it. I find I'm most productive in the mornings. The mornings and deadlines, my two most productive times.

So I was on a high this morning. For no reason. I was just pretty chipper. When I'm like this I have to talk myself down. I have to tell myself that the more hyper or happier I am the harder I'm gonna crash. The more depressed I will be later on. I don't know why this is; it just is. I haven't spoken to J in a few days. And I'm not bothered by it - right now. I went to the gym last night and felt so great to be there. I don't know if it's my imagination but I feel 'lighter'. Not by a whole bunch but enough to keep me motivated. Today I wore my blue dress pants that I haven't been able to slip into in quite a while. They're still snug, especially after I eat lunch but it made my day fitting in them. Maybe that accounted for my chipperness. But it's wearing off. Like I said it would. But I am dang tired. I tried to go to bed early and everything last night. I was in bed by eleven but sleep didn't come till nearly twelve. And as usual the morning came way to early.

You know when people at customer service counters wander around behind the counter and totally ignore the customer who's waiting to bitch or complain to them? I get very frustrated with this. I think they should give the customer the customer service they're supposed to be giving. Well I totally understand them now. I totally 'get' why they ignore people and do what they please until they're good and ready to handle the person in front of them. It's because people piss them off and this is their petty way of getting back. I do it too now. Like right now my phone is on not ready and there's people trying to call. So they're listening to a recorded message until I'm good and ready to answer their call. Hold on. Now there you go!! I answered it and the woman cut me off mid greeting. That PISSES me off! Let me finish my god damn sentence before you talk - it's not too much to ask - it's common courtesy. So once in a while when someone does that I politely say 'one moment while I transfer you please' then I put them on hold and go and doodle or talk to someone or pick my nose or whatever then when I"m good and ready I go back and transfer them. Be an ass to me that's the kind of service you're going to get. Whoops just transferred someone to the wrong extension and that one was honestly a mistake. So, yah I totally get when the customer service people diss us. It's either that or....kill one of us. You decide.

I have a sore neck. It's been that way for a while. I know it's the way I sleep. I don't want to blame it on my bed - I love my bed - I refuse to even enter the bed into the equation. But yah sore neck. I went into the hot tub last night - finally. I pushed the button to turn on the jets - nothing. The damn jets wouldn't work. So I sat in the boiling tub of water - that was enough for me. Then I went into one of the showers that I hadn't tried before and man the rays almost made me cry out in orgasmic pleasure. It was that good. If I hadn't been rushing to get to the grocery store before it closed I would probably still be standing under it. I am definately going to aim for that shower every time. Unfortunately, I realized, that that's the one S usually uses but all's fair in love and war. She has a man to rub her sore shoulders at home - I have no one - I win. Of course I'm talking about our old women's gym, not the 'super duper ass sucking one'. I shudder to think about their showers....evil incarnate. I did highlight a few classes at the super gym to see if they go along with my opinion of the whole place. We shall see.

Alrighty well better go and try to get some work done. I've been royally screwing up with some of my work. There must have been a week or two time frame where I blanked out cause now files are missing, gone astray or left the atmosphere and I have no idea what to do. I'm the one who tracks them. I keep records. These records are non-existant. Yah so I guess I walked around with my head up my ass for a while and just now I'm paying the piper for these mistakes. Wish me luck in sorting this out. Ohhh there goes the neck. Before I clean up my mess I think I'm going to look in the company benefit book about massages. asap.

Have I mentioned that it's -25 with the windchill today? It is. And I walk to and from work. Un-frikkin believable I know. It's been this way all week and they think it might start getting better tommorow. Luckily I know how to dress for the weather. It's the nostils freezing up immediately upon stepping outside that gets me everytime. That's just not cool. Hey no calls in the last 5 minutes or so - must be a record. If only it would stay that way - nope no such I go again..."just one moment please...."

2:38 p.m. - 2003-01-23


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