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End of the week

Well half an hour to go and then it's the weekend. Yahoo. Or should I say Yeehaw. I'm going to a country bar tonight just trying to get in the mood. S and I are taking C out for her b-day. We're all going to wear our cowboy boots. I have a see through shirt that I may wear - T won't be there so I don't know if I'll follow through with it or not. I'd wear a camisole underneath but it's still risque for me. Plus I don't know if I can pull the look off. I find only certain people can do certain fashion statements - we'll see.

I am so tired. All week I've gone to bed pretty late, I kept meaning to catch up on sleep but it never happened. I'm hoping to do that this weekend. I don't have any commitments besides tonight. I've been neglecting my apartment something fierce. I want to wash the floors, scrub the tiles in the bathroom and try and chunk through the hard water on my shower head. I totally HATE the water in my city. It is the grossest I've ever washed my hair in. I swear while I had my hand under my tub water faucet to turn on the shower this morning it felt almost greasy - that is so not cool. The last city I lived in we lived near a lake so the water wasn't as bad. This is all tower water or whatever - definately not fresh. I would pay anything to get clean water but living in an apartment I don't have the option. We supposedly have water softener but I think it's a big lie.

I had a heart stopping dream last night. I dreamt I was in an elevator with S, T and a guy who I can't remember. The elevator had suddenly stopped and it began to turn - upside down. So we were standing on the ceiling. We were panicking and then it started to move again - up as far as it could go. We were really high and we were all worried that the cable was going to snap and we'd plunge to the ground. I woke up then. But my heart was pounding and I was anxious. I looked at the clock and it was almost 3am. I wanted to write the dream down to capture my feelings but I was too tired to bother. I would love to be able to analyze my dreams but I totally suck at it. I usually ask S and she does a pretty good interpretation - she's smart like that.

Yah so I was forced to see J the other night. S had to drop something off at my brother's. We left at eleven, J was leaving also, to go to the bar to meet his new girl I imagine. It hurts but I'm dealing with it. I think it's the feeling of being replaced that and the fact that I'll never have unprotected sex for a very long time. Condoms suck. But that's the price you pay to stay 'clean and without child'.

I've been working out like a machine. Wednesday I did the intro to cycle class. Killed! My ass is still slightly sore. Then I went swimming with the girls. Yesterday we did a class and tonight I'm gonna hit the gym before the girls come over. Maybe I'm taking this too far but it's something that I enjoy that I know is good for me. It's something I can control. And hey, losing weight before spring isn't such a bad thing now is it?

I just wrote a letter to Timex. My water resistant watch isn't so water resistant. I wonder what their response will be. Time will tell.

Well wish me luck on the country bar tonight. I'll like the music, I just hope I'll like the atmosphere. Meat markets...yuk.

3:58 p.m. - 2003-02-07


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