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Rambling and avoiding doing work

Well I finally had some time to figure out how to change my profile. Not that I made any huge changes. I just took J's favourite band off "my" favourites. They weren't one of my favourites, they were okay but I did it more for him - no more of that.

Wow I just got finished reading Whovillian's journal. She's quite the gal. She sent me a message saying she read my journal - eek I sometimes forget other people read this stuff. I must be so boring. Anyway, we had some similarities and I connected in a lot of the confusion with men entries. Although, now I'm all about wanting to go online and meet men! I told her I need to get a computer at home so I can do this. That could be dangerous. Me..with a computer...horny as all get out...yah I sense trouble..but also a lot of fun : )

So, not much has happened in the last few days. I fear that shortly my whole focus on life will be planning S's bridal shower. She has the mother in law from hell who wants to control every aspect of the wedding and this includes the shower. I told S that I would call her and set her straight. Then I walk in last night and there's a message on the machine from the mother in law. It was too late to call her back but I can just feel a huge headache coming on. Luckily (not for her) I'm in a no nonsense mood lately (read bitchy) so I'm not letting this lady walk all over me with her shower plans.

You know the more I think about getting a computer and getting on line to chat to people - the more I like it. Of course getting a computer is a bit of a fantasy right now. Especially with my car problems and all the bills I'm soon going to have to start putting money towards, oh and the fact I want new furniture. Sigh - why can't I have unlimited money? This working for a living isn't all that it's cracked up to be. I'm sitting here, with literally huge piles of paper surrounding my cube. I'm so temped to push it all into the shredder box but ultimately that would create more problems than it would solve. It's not that I don't like my job - I do. For what I do the money is great. And I am challenged. But...I don't know, sometimes I just don't want to work. I had a whole theory for that - but I'm too tired to write it out - it's pretty boring anyway - and basically I link it to my boring life outside of work.

My brother was in a bit of funky mood last night. He seemed a little stressed out and down about school. A lot of pressure. I'm rooting for him. He's one of the best persons I know (and I'm not saying that cause we're related - he's just a great guy). I have a feeling he'll be married before me too.... phaw - enough of that.

Tonight - of course - is Survivor. My bro was supposed to make a pasta salad but seeing as he's all stressed I told him not to worry and I'd get some pizza's at the grocery store and we can add extra toppings. No one should be stressed during Survivor!

Have I mentioned I hate this weather? Yah I do. It snowed - again - the other day. Now we have more mountains of snow and my parents car an Echo just does not cut it in this weather - poor little thing slides all over the place. My purple wails right through this crap - sure it then conks out because of the transmission - but hey let's not talk about that. We're supposed to get a nice day on Saturday +3 and then back to winter on Sunday. Lordy, but I can't wait for spring.

2:02 p.m. - 2003-03-06


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