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A new expensive purchase

Wow, either every person in my office is surfing the net or it's just damn slow. This happened to me on Friday before I was leaving. I tried to get on to add a quick entry but the net was so slow, I just logged off and left early. I was trying to make it to a step class. I made it..and I paid the price. I did a step class and a body blast class. My butt and legs were totally paralized. My friend S took the step class with me. She's quite the gal. She's taken one step one class, eons ago and a step 2 class with me a while back. This was a step 2. I told her before that she should take some basic classes to get the moves down - she didn't. She spent the whole class totally unorganized. I think she's hoping to just get the hang of it. I've been doing step for a few years and it used to be my favourite class at my other gym back home. So I'm proud to say I have the moves down, I don't used a gazillion steps so I can actually keep up. It was a little satisying to see that she couldn't. I know I'm mean. But I think she thought she could just go and get the hang of it. She has to pay her dues like the rest of us. Yah so anyway, I did both classes and that night I felt it in my legs so I knew it would be bad the next day. Yah I couldn't walk normal for 2 days after that. Climbing stairs was excrutiating. I looked like I was 80 with bad hips. Seriously not cool.

So I went home again this weekend and bought a car. Shocked the hell out of me. I thought I'd look at a couple but keep my car and a few months down the road get one. First one I saw I liked. It's a 99 Grand Am with really dark tinted windows and fully loaded. Beeautiful. The dealership closed early Saturday and didn't open again till Monday. So I stayed over Sunday night and didn't come to work yesterday. I got the loan from the bank, went and test drove the car with my uncle, and then bought the car. But I didn't bring it home. The mechanic/seller of cars wants to go over it with a fine tooth comb and fix it and stuff. How can I argue that? So I'm going back home again this weekend! But I don't mind so much cause my dad went in for surgery yesterday. He's in a lot of pain but doing well. He should be home by the end of the week so I can check in on him and my mom and make sure everything's going good. But I may leave on Saturday cause S is supposed to be having a party. Her parties aren't that exciting but she is the best friend. I figure I'll play it by ear. I'm only telling certain people about the car cause I want to surprise my friends. It almost broke my heart cleaning out my old car. Purple was my first car that I bought on my own. We had some good memories. I didn't get weepy until I took the very last thing out as I was leaving yesterday but my brother was there and I didn't want to get all mushy and cry so I sucked it up. Of course last night lying in bed I started thinking about it and cried. Of course I was also thinking about my dad and his surgery and my mom coping with it all so I was probably a tad over emotional and definately over tired.

I told my brother on our way home that ironically I was getting J's favourite type of car. He always told me when he got a car he wanted a Grand Am. My brother looked worried and asked me if I was doing this out of spite. Now I can be an idiot sometimes. But buying an $8000 car out of spite would be going too far even for me. I didn't expect to like the car cause I never really 'looked' at them but seeing it sitting there all pretty and white with dark windows well obviously I was hooked. And then when I drove it, I was over the edge. Speaking of J I saw him last night. My brother called and left his wallet in the car so I drove over there and let him search the car. I must admit I did want to see J. Just see him. Nothing else. Thankfully his girlfriend wasn't there and I didn't go in and chit chat or anything I just stood outside beside my car while my brother searched the car. We had a brief, decent conversation. I told him about my new car and we laughed over the fact that he wanted a car like that. He said he liked my new haircut. It was all pleasant. Then my brother found his wallet and I left. Somewhat empty inside but not as much as I use to be. Progress. Small as it may be. I thought about all my thoughts about meeting people on the net and dating again and realized I'm an all talk kinda gal. I have no intention of doing that - at least not anytime soon. But I like thinking about it so I'll continue doing it until one day I get up the nerve to go online and do something.

So then I went home and paid some bills. I forgot to pay February's bills. Oops. So of course everything was doubled. I was so tired at 9 o'clock last night I could have crashed. But I got a second wind and went to bed around midnight - dang.

My ex is supposed to be in town this week from the Navy. He said he would 'try' and see me one day on my lunch hour or something like that. I'm not holding my breath. Actually I couldn't really care one way or the other. He'll probably make sarcastic remarks about my life and tell me about his sex life with his new girlfriend - yah he can be a prick that way. I'm trying to figure out a way to drop the hint that he owes me $40 from 2 years ago. I think I worked out an angle but we'll see. I suck asking people for money back.

Yah so that's what's happening in my life. I keep telling myself change is good. This car better be good! I decided to get the one year warranty - why take unnecessary risks? I could go off on that point but I won't. As I was on the way to the hospital yesterday after dropping in at the bank and getting the cheque for the car to give to my uncle who's picking it up for me I had a great big scream....of relief. It felt good. No one was in the car with me...I think I would have scared them. Very therapeutic. I would have screamed again but my throat is all scratchy cause I have a cough and I would have thrown myself into a coughing fit. So instead I turned up the cd my brother made for me and sang along to my girl empowering cd. It felt good.

Did I mention my new car has a cd player and tape deck? The best of both worlds.

11:51 a.m. - 2003-03-10


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