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3 cheers for me!

Well I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised. It's just why tell someone you're going to be in town and you 'may' stop by and visit them, if you don't intend to follow through? Yah, I'm talking about my ex P. The guy was in town for a week and today is his last day. I imagine he's at the airport now. Honestly I could give two figs if he visited me or not, I just don't get why he would write and tell me he's coming. Whatever.

So I was really surprised yesterday. I made it through the day - feeling fine - no crying - no moping - no whatifs..nothing. I don't know maybe it would have been different if I had spent the night by myself - but honestly I don't think I would have been that bad. I met up with T around 6:30 at my place (after taking a one hour class involving Step 3 - go me!). From there we went to her place with a few stops in between - in our seperate vehicles. We pulled up to a stop light and rolled down our windows and she had this strange look on her face. She asked if I saw who we passed. I didn't. It turned out to be J. Heh...never even noticed. I guess he was with his buddies heading to the bars. Damn this feels good to write this and not have a huge ass knot in my stomach.

Yah so T and I wanted to drink but we're both broke. So we went to the liquor store and picked up some coolers. All night long we kept saying how they reminded us of our vomit days. Back in the day when drinking was all about coolers. You would drink a crap load of them and the next morning be puking your guts up. Needless to say one and a half was my limit. The taste brought back to many memories. She fed me dinner and then we just lazed around at her place. There was talk of going to a female strip club that it was all talk. Around 9:30 S came over and we watched court tv. Disturbing true stories about killing and stuff. Then we watched a program on poligamy (sp?). Then we watched Howard Stern. I love that guy. I used to listen to him every morning when I drove to work a few years ago. He woke me up in the morning and kept me awake for my drive. Then I headed home - man it was foggy. I mean seriously foggy. I couldn't see five feet in front of my car. I was in the country. I hugged that yellow line cause that's all I could see. I barely made it past 40 until I hit some main roads. I easily could have freaked myself out if I didn't keep my eyes on the yellow line - it felt like I was floating in the middle of nowhere. Who needs drugs? Just drive in really dense fog.

So that's about all for today. But here's some odds and ends: I'm on my third bottle of 1L water. Of course I'm also frequenting the ladies restroom a bit more than normal too. The hardships of trying to get in shape. Oh I'm also wearing a quite fetching lime vest. I know it sounds weird doesn't it. But it's quite becoming on me. I'm wearing black pants and a black t-shirt underneath. I'm stylin'. And I finally found out who sings a song I like that I keep hearing on the radio. I can't remember the title but the singer is Josh Grobin. Wow what a amazing singer. I think I may have to purchase his cd the legal way (i.e. not borrowing it from someone and burning it). It's good to be honest once in a while. That's all. One hour left to go.

2:57 P.m. - 2003-03-18


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