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Wow...I can't believe I did it!

Whew. After my blah entry I decided I had to do something. So as I sat there surfing the net, I went back to a website I had accidentally landed on before - it was a website for my area - a personals website. Yah so I said "the hell with it" and placed an ad. As soon as I had the confirm button I kicked myself, but that was only my nerves talking. Within an hour I had a response by the end of the day another response. Then cause I was feeling all high on the success I placed another ad on another website a legitimate one if you will. They say it's free but then they make it nearly impossible to communicate with anyone without becoming a "member". I have 3 responses from that place but I have to figure out how to respond to them without becoming a paying member. But I really did get ahead of myself and I probably shouldn't have put an ad there. I think I have like 7 guys going on the first website. It's crazy. I can't keep them straight - I can't keep track of what I've already told some of the guys. Don't worry I haven't let it go to my head. I have no idea what these guys look like or if they're loosers or what, so I'm keeping a cool head about it all. I did talk to one guy over the weekend. But he's never called back or emailed so I don't know what to think. I'm not putting too much emphasis on it. I can't go around and worry about every guy who doesn't respond. In fact I may do that to one of the guys who has emailed me a few times. He doesn't speak english very well and he called me sweet baby. The second part creeps me out. I'll have to figure out how to handle that one. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I don't want to lead him on. He mentioned in his email something about "when we begin dating".....movin' a little fast? Uh-huh. Yah so more on that when/if things start happening!

My weekend wasn't too exciting. I went to a houseparty with T no one really showed and there was like 5 of us. Of course that didn't stop me from staying until 5:30 am. Yah I know! I'm to damn old for that - and I was sober! I was driving so I didn't drink. Funny thing was I wasn't really all that tired so I stayed. We ended up sitting around a table just shooting the breeze all night. Of course it took me the rest of the weekend to recuperate. Saturday I did nothing except go to the gym and come right back home. I rented a movie and watched it. C came over after her event and we shot the breeze for an hour and then she left. Of course she warned me about being careful doing this 'internet thing'. I'll talk more about that some other day. I have some issues with C and some of them aren't so good.

Sunday my brother and I went to church - very uplifting. Then he treated me to lunch and we went back to my place and watched Sooper Troopers - two times! First regular and then second with commentary. The commentary was done by 3 of the guys who wrote and starred in it - very funny guys.

Yesterday was pretty crap-o-la. It was Monday and I was grumpy and cranky. Nuff said. Today I'm doing a lot better. I have a United Way meeting to go to in half an hour so I gotta get my butt in gear.

1:55 p.m. - 2003-03-25


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