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Freezing rain in spring?

Lovely weather. Let's see it's freezing rain and snowing. Hello Spring. This weather is unbelievable. Last night I went to pick up my brother and as I ws chipping the ice off my car I snapped my windshield wiper - oops. I finally decided to drive with no windshield wipers in a freezing rain storm. Okay it probably wasn't the most brilliant solution I ever came up. I picked up my brother and he looked at the wiper - it was toast. Then we headed over to Parts Source to pick up a new blade. At the stop lights I would stick my head out the window and using the old blade I would "wipe" the windshield off enough so I could see. It was a tad dangerous. But we made it there, bought the wiper, put it in on in 15 seconds flat and were on our way. We went to the supermarket and and picked up our items in marathon time and were back just as friends was starting at 7:30. I had left at a little after 7 so we did excellent time. The night went well. We had a feast and watched Survivor. Afterwards I talked to my parents on the phone, they're coming down tommorow and staying over for the night which is pretty cool. I actually like seeing my parents and spending time with them.

I have now given my number out to 4 guys - whew. A couple of them said they'd call me this weekend either tonight or Sunday (when the parents aren't there). It's strange but I almost feel guilty for talking to this many guys. I keep having to remind myself that when you are talking to a guy it doesn't mean you are "exclusive". I just don't want some guy to get to emotionally involved in just talking to me. I know that sounds bizzare. But the 5 page letter guy seems like he's getting too involved emotionally. He's been hurt in the past and I really don't want to be the next to hurt him. I just know I have nowhere close the feelings he has for me. I've never even met or talked to him, how could I! But I don't want to rule anyone out. Then I have the guilt of about 10 guys who emailed me via the website that charges me to email them back. I have to resolve that asap. I think I'll just take my ad down. I never really anticipated having these kinds of problems when I first started this. And if I did have any problems it would still be fun. Yah I like to live in lala land. It's so bizzare though. The two main guys I'm talking to are so different. One is all romantic and crap and the other is sort of rough around the edges. But I think I set that tone the night we spoke. Argggh. I just want to have fun and maybe get laid in the process and then maybe start a relationship down the road - is that so wrong?

It's supposed to freeze rain all day, I wonder if the office will shut down early? Somehow I doubt it. If they do they'll only send the people who live out of town home early. But I plan on fighting this. You see if they send home the woman covering reception than that only leaves me - I'm supposed to leave at 4:15 - techinically I could leave at 4 cause I had to stay yesterday to do phones until 4:30. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but I want to catch the 4:30 class at the gym. But I won't waste time worrying about it.

My brother made me another mixed cd - he's the coolest. The intense guy wants to know 20 of my favourite songs I think he's gonna make me a cd. That would be cute. I think he's wooing me - maybe not so cute. Ah well I just have to think of it as an adventure - oh and in the process try and make sure no one gets hurt - including me!

Have a good weekend! Let's hope for sunny skies...heh.

10:19 a.m. - 2003-04-03


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