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Whew. After days of trying to "join" the singles website I signed up for a few weeks back I finally succeeded. I've been trying to join for a 3 day membership only. I had about 10 or so responses to my ad but I couldn't respond back to them because I wasn't a "member". So I plan on doing the 3 day trial membership and then cancelling and removing my ad. If nothing works out with the men I already am talking to and the 10 I just emailed today then Lord help me.....or I guess I'll start at the beginning....just not with this website. The best one has been the one I stumbled across when I was looking for my city's webpage. I don't even know what it is, it's like the want ads for something but it's kind of obscure to find. Most of the men who responded tell me they also stumbled across it - coincidence...I think not...wink wink.

So I talked to a couple other guys the other night. One is the 5 pager email guy. Totally not what I expected. He giggled. But I think that was out of nervousness. And he did mention in his email the next day that he had been extremely nervous. But at least he thinks I have a sexy voice. Heh. The other guy had a smooth voice, he said "right on" a lot. He reminded me of the 32 year old dj I dated when I was 16. Ah memories.

So I feel a big weight lift off me now that I've responded to the ads. I didn't like people thinking I just didn't respond. Although I must admit I did delete a few....there's always a few weird ones that don't need responding to.

Anywho. I just spoke to my dad. Him and my mom are leaving for Nova Scotia tommorow. I hope they have good travelling weather. They're going on a spur of the moment kind of trip. Since my dad is off work due to his surgery they're taking advantage of it and going to visit some good friends in NS.

I'm tired. I hung out with S last night. We went to the gym and did a brutal sweat and sculpt class. We did a lot of lunges and now my legs and butt are paying the price. But I don't mind so much. I've been feeling kind of un-motivated lately. But oddly enough last night J called to respond to a question I had asked him via email. The call was short and not sweet. Afterwards I was pumped for the gym. I don't know what it is about him but after I talk to him I have the energy to go to the gym and I definately feel the desire to kick some butt. I wonder if I'll ever not be pissed at him? Time will tell I guess. Or the day after I get laid - ha!

Yah so anyway S and I went back to her place and watched some tv - and then just as I was going to leave her hubby came back and cooked up some could I say no? Yah so eventually I left around 11 and then didn't go to bed until midnight. One of these days I'll learn - I hope.

Well this was a pretty uneventful email. I'm sort of in the hum-ho's the last few days. Although I think good ol' PMS has a large part to do with that. Maybe the weather too. It's supposed to start getting nice again tommorow but I've seriously had enough of this crap o la weather. I've been thinking of going in a tanning booth for the first time ever. I'm doing that a lot lately - first time things. Kind of exciting. Kind of scary. But at least I'm trying them. Life's to short to sit back and watch it go by.

Well I must go and start emailing the men back. I wonder how many responses I'll get from the 10 I gave my email address to? One or none I won't be upset. These men emailed me almost half a month ago so most likely they've moved on. But at least I made the effort.

I need a timmy's....stat.

11:28 a.m. - 2003-04-07


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