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Trust a man? Never! Well maybe...

Well here I am sitting here with a full belly (mmm pita) and a huge ass sunburn on half of my body - the front half. I got a tad sunburned this weekend. Mostly cause I was stupid. I was in the frame of mind that I wanted a tan and I thought a light sunburn wouldn't be bad but I guess I overdid it. Big time. I'm a lobster. I find when I where sunscreen I don't tan at all (which happened to S and she really really wants a tan before her wedding).

So yah the camping went really good. It started off a little crappy. T and her guy were running late and we ended up getting to the site later than planned, S got there before us and it was supposed to be the other way around. We set up camp in the damp, slightly drizzly weather and then without yelling at T's guy too much he finally went and got firewood so we could start a fire to keep warm and eat! This man drove us nuts all weekend. He was Lord of the Fire and found it necessary to keep it going 24/7 even if it was blistering hot out. Oh and he not only had to keep it going he had to have this huge ass inferno - I came close a few times to telling him off over this. Once or twice I did tell him not to put anymore wood on the fire - and that's a huge deal for me...since I don't like to tell people what to do - but I was paying for the wood to so I felt I was allowed to put my 2 cents in. Needless to say we went through a crap load of wood. I think T and her guy paid for the majority - I doubt S gave any - she's like that. Anyway Saturday was overcast and we just hung around the site and didn't do much. That night we went over to the guys camp (S's fiance was supposed to be there but he was a no show all weekend - nice guy). We had a kick ass time at the guy's camp - totally flirting and acting crude with them. They had a hard on for a girl I met for the first time this weekend (Ang) she was a doll - so funny and cute - even I had a hard on for her. But then her jealous beau came over to the camp around 3am and the shit hit the fan - drama! They eventually worked it out. Sunday was just gorgeous (the day of the burn) and we frolicked around in the sun and went to the beach and played with my bag o' fun - the dog chewed one of my balls and I was a bit peeved cause T thinks it's funny. She said she'd buy me another one and not to worry but as I told her she has good intentions but she won't get around to buying me one - yah I told her that! I like speaking my mind damnit! Sunday night we went back to the guys camp (minus Ang who had to stay with her man) and we had another kick ass time. They fed us shrimp (they had 2 chefs there) and it was orgasmic. Enough so that I actually flashed the chef (at his request) because it was so damn good. Monday was pack up day and I was in no mood to hang around cause my sunburn was at the hurting stage. We managed to get 6 people's gear into the truck (we did have 2 vehicles but T's guy had to work and left with the car that morning). We were a little peeved over this since he drove away in an empty car!

I got back to my place around noon and I immediately hopped into the shower and then sprayed myself down with Aloe and felt sooo much better. I then promptly took a nap (did I mention that my air mattress had a leak and didn't work after the first night and that the ground was really really hard and combined with my sunburn the last night sleep just didn't happen). I woke up around 3 and then called Keith who had eagerly been waiting my call. I went over to his place and we played some more 20 questions (his idea). I found out that an ex of his was trying to get him back that weekend and that he had turned her down flat...for me...heh. Of course then I kind of filled him in on the whole J thing - very very basic version - I didn't tell him about Thursday night - no point.

Speaking of J I find it so odd that I am having no pangs of missing him at all. It's like I totally have let go of him. I don't miss him or anything. It's kind of freaking me out actually.

Okay so back to Keith. He made me dinner again (roast beef - god it was good) and then we sat around (we like to do that). Earlier in the evening we were talking about the pace of our relationship and both of us commented that we've never gone this slow before with another person but that it was nice. So anywho we ended up in his bedroom (on the computer!) and then not on the computer...heh. We ended up making out on the bed like teenagers and then I made the mistake of climbing on him and yah things totally went downhill from there and we had sex. I should know better than to climb on top cause I get rather carried away and thus the guy does too. I made him two hours late for work - oops. Which means I didn't get home until 2am. And yah I'm tired. But everytime I think of last night I have this stupid grin on my face - that guy has magic hands...and mouth if you know what I mean *huge ass grin*.

He emailed me this morning (probably right when he got home from work) and told me how forward he's looking to seeing me tonight. At least I know it wasn't a one night stand...heh.

I have absolutely no idea where this relationship is going. I kind of like that. I am totally not living in the future - I'm living for the moment now. Although honestly I kind of have to live a little in the future since it's his b-day this Friday and he's asked me to do something with him - I guess it would be nice to plan a little for something to do. There goes my gift of giving him sex! Ha!

But I'm keeping it all level. I guess you could say I"m a bit wary when it comes to men and I should always expect the unexpected. I really hope I learn to trust them someday. That would be nice. I'm not gonna hold my breath steps.

Side note - did I mention that my nickname this weekend was Queen of Camping? Yah it was. I gave it to myself but they quickly started using it since I seemed to have everything that everyone forgot or just didn't own - heh....the queen of camping - that's me.

1:45 p.m. - 2003-05-20


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