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It's the small things that will kill you!

I am making lists like there's no tomorrow. I'm stressed. I swear I have about 10 lists on the go. Everytime I think of something I have to do/get I try and fnd my list and when I don't I start a new one. It will be interesting once this is all over and I start finding lists everywhere. I'm trying to be productive - I swear I am - it's just not working. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be on full throttle. Tomorrow is my last day in the office until June 9. I took Friday off for the wedding and then next week I'm in training in a different office, I doubt I'll be able to update - although Keith did make a log on for me in his computer but that's just tempting fate. I know he's a computer whiz so he'll probably see where I was and find this website and miraculously find me and then read all my entries....then he'd really know how f*cked up I am! I can't have that happening - so it looks like I won't be updating for a while which sucks cause writing here helps me. Ah well maybe I'll take up smoking...heh.

Yah so I'm a little stressed over getting everything cleared up on my desk before I leave and trying to remember that all my work is delegated and trying to prevent little emergencies before they happen. I know the office won't fall apart without me....really I do.

Then it's all about the wedding. Now it's the annoyingly small things that are getting to me. Do I have a small purse for the wedding? No. Do I know someone who does? No. Will I have to buy one? Yes. When? Not sure. Will I remember to pack all my make-up to bring with me to the 'suite'? I have make-up? No. Will I have to buy it? Yes! When? Camera? Check. Film? No! Ahhhh you see it's all these piddly things that are going to kill me.

I'm now debating whethere I'm gonna make it to the gym. I am so frikkin tired. I went to bed around midnight (early for me) so I shouldn't be this bad. I just think this heavy load at work is starting to get to me. Keith is coming over tonight to watch the Gilmore Girls with me - yah he must really like me to do that! It's the season finale. I just read some recaps that were so funny, I was laughing out loud and had tears in my eyes and everything. I think it's been a while since I laughed!

Well I'm outta here - don't have time to dawdle these days.

Oh yah - J is back with his ex. He mentioned it yesterday when he phoned to tell me about his day. I put a kibosh on that - I don't need my ex calling and telling me how his day went at work....ummm yah that's what your 'girlfriend' is for - fuck up.

Well on that note - I'm outta here.

4:27 p.m. - 2003-05-28


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