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Ahhhh the freedom to type fast again. That's right the fake nails are gone - and good riddance! The novelty had worn off. Yesterday I went on the internet and read about how to take them off since I'm a wimp and wasn't in for the hacking and pulling of my nails (fake and real!) as my friend T was going to do. Instead I took some good advice and found this stuff with a certain chemical in it that is meant for taking off fake nails. Although it took forever (4 hours!) it was pain free. I just soaked my nails in this stuff and it melted the stuff of them - I can only imagine how bad it is for your body. I spilt a little on T's wooden table and it stripped that small portion within seconds. But my nails are a lot better than what I expected. I've been treating them like royalty since last night - slathering them with hand cream and this nourishing liquid from Avon. So far so good.

So yah things are going good with Keith and I. Although I haven't seen him all that much in the last few days. I saw him briefly Sunday night. Did I tell you that he asked me if I love him? Talk about putting a girl on the spot. It takes me quite a while to warm up to saying the I love you thing but once I do it tends to come frequently. I kind of skirted the issue and gave a little joke. I did tell him that admitting that I love him would scare me to death. It's just like saying "what else can happen". Something always happens when you ask that question. Same thing with love. As soon as you admit it, wham, you're knocked over by a blow. Okay okay I'm being melodramatic but I have to make sure he's gonna stick around for a while before I start professing feelings of love for him.

Well let's see besides that not much is new. My visit with Rob was short. We had some communication problems (cell phones!) and didn't meet up until 11 at night. We caught up for a few hours and then I drove home very sleepy! The guy frustrates me to no helps me remember why we're still not together....I want to strangle him!

So I'm having a pretty decent hair day today....just thought I'd mention that. Maybe the hot humid weather works for me. Man it is so hot out. It's supposed to get to 31 today. I have my a/c on at home - hey, they jacked my rent, I'm just getting my monies worth...bastards!

Oh yah btw Paul is now talking to me. He was a little hurt about the other guy but he's still talking to other women on the net so he has them to occupy his time. I am so glad...he's a nice guy who I like conversing with but he's totally in the "friend" category.

OH Yah I almost forgot I'm going to see Michael Bolton in September! Yah baby! Rob told me about his upcoming concert so I hopped on his website and saw it was for real. I signed up to be in his fan club...wait now hear me I could get tickets that are soooo close to the stage. I haven't confirmed yet where I'm sitting but it better be close or there will be hell to pay! Of course now I have to break the news to seems I initiate all my boyfriends this way...except for Pat...but well he never really counted as a 'real' boyfriend since I kept him secret from my family...for a whole year...he he.

Well I better get back to work.....time for some nail moisturizer. ciao.

1:54 p.m. - 2003-06-24


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