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Still denied by my boy.....

Hey, it's been a while. Almost a week to be exact. Not to much has been happening. Although one day last week I went out with a co-worker for lunch cause it was her b-day. We celebrated with a few drinks and then we did a shot of tequila together. That was fun. Coming back to the office with a little buzz. Not much but still it was fun. Then that same night I went to her b-day party that she threw for herself. She got totally wasted but I only had a glass of wine cause I was driving. The next day she made it to work but only for an hour or so until she had to leave. That's the day that I started getting my cold. Yah I'm sick. In summer! That's just wrong. Stupid cold.

So the other night Keith and I were chatting and he mentioned that he noticed I hadn't posted an entry lately. I told him that I don't always write especially when there's nothing going on. Of course that got us started on the old "why can't I read your diary speil". I'm still bugging him to let me read his. Actually I'm no longer bugging him I just occasionally say something like "yah I'm sure I would have known that if you had let me read your diary". Then I told him that I don't go to my buddies list cause I don't want to see when he last updated - you can't be tempted if you stay away from the temptation. I admit I love to read other peoples diaries. I like reading about other peoples lives. It's interesting and it passes the time. But he doesn't quite grasp this concept and refuses to let me read his. So phhhhhbt to him : P

But I won't pick on him for a while cause his grandfather just passed away. He apparently wrote this in his diary (or so he told me) so I'm not disclosing anything personal that he doesn't want me to. (wow did that even make sense!?)

Anywho I haven't seen him since Sunday morning....yah I know but it feels like forever! I won't be seeing him until tomorrow night. Tonight I'm hanging out with S. I think she's a little pissed that we haven't hung out lately. Then on Wednesday I'm supposed to hang out with C, who's going through some rough times with her family (but not to worry this happens every 6 months or so!). I learned from my break up with J that I took my friends for granted. I don't want to do that so I try and make the effort to keep in touch and get together and just hang out one on one. I was telling my brother the other day that I find it easier to do this with T more than S these days. I think it has something to do with how casual T and I are. We make plans to get together but if we're not up to it we just call and cancel or move it around a little. I guess I don't feel I have that flexibility with S. I don't know I went into a lot more detail but I'm not feeling to motivated right now to do that.

Actually I'm not feeling too motivated to do much of anything right now....except maybe go and read some diary's...except for my boyfriend's of course!

3:50 p.m. - 2003-08-11


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