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Hump day

Wednesday - Hump day. I just want this week to be over already. I honestly don't know how there are people out there who live for their jobs? I'm not saying I hate mine - hell - I get paid a lot of money for the amount of work I do. just don't feel like working...and lately, that's been a lot. I guess it doesn't help that there's so much politics and bs involved with where I work that sometimes I just get so fed up. Yesterday my job was 're-classified' which basically means they change my job title, give me more work and for the same amount of pay. In one year they will re-evaluate how much more work we do and then decide if we should get a pay increase (can you tell I'm in a unionized environment). It does have it's benefits but it can be annoying. But I should just be happy I have a (good paying)job and shut up already!

Keith is meeting me today for lunch (for the first time). I didn't have time to make my lunch this morning so I basically guilted him into meeting me. Although, truthfully I really didn't have to do to much guilting. We are a couple who loves to spend disgusting amounts of time with eachother. I didn't see him on Monday night cause it was his 2 jobs night and I thought he would want to catch a few zzz's. He called me instead and we chatted and then yesterday he mentioned how he missed me. Okay okay I'll stop with the mushiness.

Last night we went and watched my friend S go up in a hotair balloon. It looked so fun. Of course it's also so expensive. But a gal can dream. I'm sure I'm going to hear all about it tonight when she calls and then of course she'll want to show me the video. I'll just have to remind myself she's just exicted and not rubbing it in my face! Me jealous? Never!

Hmmm I can't think of much else to write about. Not much is going on. I'm looking forward to going to my parents this weekend for my b-day and then having Monday off and finally finding out what my b-day present is from Keith! I was telling a co-worker the other day about J and how he was all excited to give me my x-mas gift and built it up and when I opened it I wasn't....well as excited as he was shall we say. It was a bunch of singles (which I don't collect). But whatever it was the thought that counts and that's what I reminded myself then. At least he made the effort to get me something that he thought I would like. Okay skip to the present and I'm sure I'll be thrilled with Keith's present...whatever it is.

Did I mention I'm turning 29? Eek! Who feels old?

12:15 p.m. - 2003-09-10


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