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It's...Friday!? Already?

You know it's sad when the main reason you have for going to work in the morning is that you can write a diary entry. This is why I can never get a computer - I'll have no reason to come to work!

Well now with that out of the way I can relay the events of the last while.

First and foremost - Michael Bolton. Oh My God. The concert was damn awesome. I truly didn't believe that I was 4th row centre until I was actually sitting in the seat. Deep down I kept thinking that I was mistaken and I was actually sitting in section 4 waaaaay in the back. Thank God I was wrong. I have never enjoyed a concert so much. To watch the entertainer's every facial movement, to see the beads of sweat rolling down his forehead *sigh* pure bliss. I could go on and on...but I won't. :)

And just in case you're wondering Keith had an excellent time also. Micheal Bolton is one of those entertainers who really is an 'entertainer' he makes jokes and keeps the crowd 'up' - totally awesome.

I figured out that I saw MB 3 times at that casino (with 3 different boyfriends - heh). I think I've seen him a total of 5 times.

Yah so the casino was...a money sucking building as usual. Keith and I played 20 bucks of .25 tokens each and we came away empty handed. I have no luck whatsoever. Which I really think is a good thing - if it was the other way around then yah I may be there every weekend...not good.

The concert aside the rest of the weekend went really good. We threw my parents a suprise anniversary party and they were actually surprised which was awesome. I did a lot of driving and not a heck of a lot of sleeping and ended up with a lovely cold. Not to mention I was around a few sick people on the weekend - my mom included.

So Monday I felt like crap and then Tuesday morning I left work in the late morning and went home and slept. I ended up staying home on Wednesday and did a lot more sleeping. Sleep is gooood. Oh yah drugs too...over the counter of course. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good but then stupid me went to bed around 1am and today I feel bad again - yes yes I'm dumb. So tonight is rest night. Which is kind of a bitch cause I am sick of my apartment being so full of clutter. I feel the 'urge' to clean and sort and throw out...but....but...the 'urge' only goes as far as my brain. My body...all it wants to do is go to bed and rest. Ah well, let's just the hope the urge lives long enough until I'm well again...I won't hold my breath.

So yesterday I was a bad girl. I wrote my boss a not so nice email. Yah I got called in this morning. It was over a stupid work issue and I was frustrated and just plain mad cause I was talkin' sense here and other co-workers wouldn't see 'the bigger picture' and she (the boss lady) without looking at the big picture too took their side. I could go into it but I'm too tired. Needless to say that I told her this morning that I give up. I'm not going to push the issue. If our stats go down because of this then I don't want to hear about it. I'm tired of being 'pro-active' and getting knocked down for it. Uh-huh, I'm gonna come, do my job and then leave. So be it.

Cheery aren't I? Well it's Friday and there's half an hour left for me to surf the net. I'm pretty much caught up on my work and I feel the need to surf. I'm pooped.

My bed is calling me.

3:51 p.m. - 2003-10-03


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