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After exercising for 3 days in a row I'm suddenly walking down the street strutting like a runway model. I'm feeling on top of the world. I like this exercise thing...or at least the benefits of it. Although If I want to brutally honest I am wearing the one pair of black jeans that offer me a lot of forgiveness. You know the jeans that you put on after you wash them and they're a little uncomfy but then within an hour they feel good. Yah those ones. So really I guess it's a combo of exercise and the right jeans.

By my entry so far it would seem that today is a good day. I wouldn't go that far. I have a wicked headache that just wants to bounce around inside my head. My short walk to timmy's up the street seemed to help while I was outside. But this headache seems to be ongoing from last night. Which totally rocked btw. Keith made homemade pizza - even the dough! So we fed our little party of 4 really good food stuff and watched an awesome Survivor. I was ready to throw the remote through the tv if Rupert was voted off. And that Trish girl better hope we never meet up in a dark have the nerve to try and vote Rupert out...she's toast. Yah so anywho Keith didn't end up leaving till around midnight - he walked cause I was already tucked up in bed and could barely keep my eyes open.

Work is beyond insane and come Monday I may end up commiting myself in some sort of an institution. Stay tuned.

So yah as I was walking down the road to get my coffee only moments ago, I was having a moment. A moment of thankfulness. I know thanksgiving was only a few weekends ago (Canadian thank you)but in all the rush to be places and the running around the thankful part gets pushed aside. Of course at grace I always say a little prayer that I'm thankful for my family and friends but that's about it. As I walked past the 4th person sitting on the street asking for money I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm not rich, I'm not well off but I'm comfortable. I don't live paycheck to paycheck. If I want something I go buy it (I'm talking within means ie. new shoes or new jacket). I don't know it just seems that there are so many people out there less fortunate that when I actually take it all end I realize how good I really do have it. As for whether I gave any of these people money - no. I'm not a cheep wad but I guess I've been disillusioned. I've heard too many stories about people asking for money for food and then buying liquor. Plus some of the people out there asking are teen's who hang out front making out with their significant other and then asking for money...not gonna happen. What do I do you ask? Well I give money to different charities when I am stores and restaurants. A percentage of my pay goes to united way. And through my office we do different events, for example our team just finished running the food drive for our office. We had to nag a little at our office mates but when all was said and done we brought in quite a bit of food. So when I walk by those people on the street and say 'sorry no' when they ask for money...I don't feel so bad. I wish there was something I could do for them but I hope that indirectly I am helping them.

Where did all that come from? I have no clue. Well my lunchhour is over. It's time to go have some cake and coffee...I know I work so hard! It's one of our co-workers last day. Thus the insanity come Monday. Sweet sweet insanity...welcome back.

Have a good weekend.

1:55 p.m. - 2003-10-24


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