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Feels like a Monday and that ain't bad

THUD!!! That was me landing back to reality today! I just came back from 4 days off. I know it doesn't sound like much (or maybe it does - it depends on your perspective). But man oh man did I need those days off. I loved every single non-productive minute of it. And believe me I was very non- productive. On Monday I didn't even leave my apartment until 9 o'clock at night when I went and made a Mc D's run. I refused to actually make something - it didn't go with my whole sloth theme day I had going on. Did I mention how great it was not working? Yah it was. I did a little shopping, went to the movies and slept in...a lot. I don't think 11 hours sleep is excessive! Yesterday I had to talk Keith down from buying a gigantic tv. Although really I've only talked him down until a few weeks from now when Best Buy has their grand opening sale. And truthfully I'm really not the best person to talk down anyone when it comes to buying stuff (unless of course the other person is broke and shouldn't be buying these things...ahem...J!). So yah I tried to be all like "well do you really need it?" Meanwhile I'm thinking how cool it would be to watch a movie on a tv that size. Although since we're talking about moving in together this would also turn into an expense that I will be paying for too. Of course this doesn't really change anything.

I started my long weekend off with a massage. My little therapist girl commented on the knots of plenty on my back. She worked overtime to get those puppies out. Of course her hard work was undone half an hour after I was back in the office this morning. Did I mention I had a dream about work during my weekend of rest? And not just your regular work dream about doing dreary work. Oh no my dreams are way more interesting than that. I had to have an anxiety dream about not riding elevators and not being able to get to the floor my work was on and going up and down and panicing that my work wasn't getting covered. It was pretty intense and I woke up all stressed out. I hate those kinds of dreams.

So me and my girls are trying to plan a weekend away to kick back, drink ourselves silly and go out and just have a kick ass time. Of course it gets bungled up from the beginning with peoples feelings getting hurt and toes getting stepped on. It's enough to turn your back on everything and just ignore them. But 'sigh' that is not possible. I tried to iron out the wires that got crossed but solid plans were never made so I have no idea what's happening and I'm not going to be the one to pull this all together. I have enough stress with work that I know if I try and attempt to do this I will probably freak out on one or all of my friends' heads. It was originally S's idea but I have the feeling she's not gonna pick up the ball and run with it. I think she basically threw the ball over the fence so it's anybody's guess what will happen to our girl's night out.

Aren't I just full of all these analogies today. I don't know if I spelled that right. And I'm not really caring all that much. Aren't I just the rebel?

Tonight Kieth is working so I'm gonna hang out with T. We're gonna do the swim thang. I'm not even gonna get started on the whole 'exercise' thing cause it gets me to dang depressed!

Hey I got a note from someone in diaryland. That was kick ass. I like to think other people read my diary but c'mon it ain't all that. It might have been interesting once-upon-a-time but lately I've been having one big royal bitch fest. But anyway it was pretty cool to get a note from 'exploring' letting me know that they enjoyed my diary. I will have to go and check out their diary when I get a almost makes me wish I was on reception again tomorrow. It's nice having this free time to catch up on my stuff.

Anywho it's quittin' time so I'm gonna log off and go buy me some shoes. Shhh don't tell Keith he thinks I have too a girl can ever have to many shoes! Not possible...

4:06 p.m. - 2003-11-12


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