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My neck itches. It's all bumpy and rashy. I wore cheap jewelery on the weekend...for like 4 hours on Saturday night and I'm still paying the consequence! Stupid cheap jewelery. I think I will have to invest in some jewelery that costs over $10...or you know maybe hope to get some for x-mas from a certain somebody. :P

Yah so this weekend was pretty good. Me and my girls finally ended up getting together Saturday night. I spent the whole afternoon over at Keith's waiting for his, I mean 'our' huge tv to show up. Finally around 5:30 it showed up. They had a helluva time getting it into his apartment but they did manage to finally get it up there. I told him that he can't move for quite a while cause it's gonna be a bitch trying to get it out! It's still bizarre to walk into his apartment and see that huge tv. Now we're playing around with the furniture trying to find the best viewing positions possible. The room is pretty small so there aren't to many alternatives. I got a little upset yesterday cause he had the loveseat and couch in this weird position and I thought it looked totally gay. Me telling him this didn't seem to have much impact but finally he made a few adjustments and angled the one couch a bit differently and voila things were looking up.

Anywho back to Saturday night! It seems like it's been forever since the 4 of us girls have gotten together. T was the first to arrive so we started drinking. Then S came over and informed us she was sick (again) and thus wouldn't be drinking. Finally C arrived and of course she wasn't drinking so it was just T and me drinking! We sat around catching up and gabbing and then before we knew it, it was time to go. We went to my country bar and it was packed. The last few times we had went there it was pretty dead so this was quite the surprise for us. I immediately hit the dance floor. This is the odd thing. I hate dancing. At 'regular' clubs I hate it with a passion - mostly because it's bumpin' and gridin' kind of music and yah I can't do that. I really don't enjoy putting on a show for the horny men who stand at the bar and watch the young thangs shake their booty. I ain't young and I ain't shakin' my booty for anyone! But put me in a country bar and I'm all over that floor! I think it's the music. I love country music. When we walked through the door they were playing Footloose (okay so that's not really country but c'mon it's Footloose!). I was up on that floor before we even found a table. We ended up sitting at this table with this cowboy. He looked lonely. He apparently comes every weekend and from what I gather he just sits there and has a few drinks. I didn't see him dance all night - well actually I think S might have had one dance with him. He left about 12 (just when it's getting busy). After we had been there for half an hour or so C found a table closer to the floor so we moved then we all felt bad for leaving the cowboy so C went up and invited him down with us. She said before she had the invite out of her mouth he was grabbing his coat and coming down. Apparently he lives with his parents and from what I gather doesn't have a special someone....I'm not sure if he ever has....just a guess since he seemed kind of awkward around us and wasn't really all pleasing to the eyes. How can I put that nicely? Anyway a while later the waitress came up to me and asked me what I was drinking. I was kind of puzzled since I had a drink on the go but I told her and she said someone wanted to buy me a drink. This was a first for me. I've had guys buy me drinks before (not often but it's happened). But this was my first 'guy across the room' encounter. It turned out to be this older gentlemen. T made me thank him - she's a gal who knows all the rules when it comes to this stuff. Then since we were going up to dance she invited him along. Sadly I can't even remember his name. I did tell him that I had a boyfriend. He seemed really lonely. I tried giving him suggestions about meeting women - internet or through the personals via paper. He sat at our table for the rest of the evening. T brought back a few winners to our table and played them like a finely tuned fiddle - although only one guy bought her drinks. The others were pretty much wasted and broke. That girl is too much sometimes. C & S left around 1am but T and I were having a good time so we decided to stay. At the end of the night my free drink guy bought T and myself flowers and also for the waitress - I guess he's a regular and knows her pretty good. It was a nice gesture since he knew we were all taken. I guess he was thanking us for our company. We didn't end up leaving until around 2:30 and then we caught a cab home.

Needless to say the next morning I was in no mood for church. I went over to Keith's and told him about my night which he wasn't really all that thrilled about - the whole strange guy buying me drinks and flowers. I tried to explain how harmless he was but yah I guess I can see his point. But luckily he trusts me. I would love for him to come out sometime to that bar but I don't think I'll ever be able to talk him into it.

We ended up going out and doing a little shopping - I spent

$300! Yah I checked my bank account this morning - ouch! I get paid this Thursday but still more than half is going to rent. Ah well. It's something I've always wanted to get and it was a good price. I bought a car starter - with the whole keyless entry thing. I'm supposed to get it installed this Wednesday. Although I'm not getting to excited about it cause knowing my luck I'll have the one car in the world that has weird wiring and they won't be able to hook it up - I guess the only good thing would be that I would have my $300 back. It's been an expensive weekend for Keith and myself. Of course he spent $3000 well he has a payment plan so it's not like it came out of his pocket but still. Then when we went grocery shopping yesterday it was over $100 and he paid for it - against my will. Sometimes that guy can be so frustrating.

Well that's about all the exciting stuff for this past weekend. I'm looking forward to a nice quiet weekend - no going away - no going out - just relaxing. I would say going out and doing some shopping but the malls are insane on the weekends. Brutal! I'm trying to get my x-mas shopping down in pieces. Not in big trips out. Of course I try this every year and it doesn't get me any closer to getting my shopping done any faster. I'm still running around the week before x-mas picking up odds and ends. Well it's lunch time - I think I'm gonna try my luck and go out and pick up some x-mas presents - wish me luck!

12:25 p.m. - 2003-11-24


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