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Appreciate your car.....

I thrive on being busy...and yet...I detest it. Yes I am a complex person. Not.

I am a procrastinator, as is the majority of my family. I was discussing this fact with my brother this afternoon as we emailed back and forth while he wrote a 1200 word essay that he had just got around to finding out what topic he was doing yesterday this is due tomorrow. He finished it. My main example was my dad who writes his sermons on Saturday night. Well at least it's relevant. And at least we actually do get the work done - we may be procrastinators but we finish what we start!

The next couple days I'm gonna be doing a lot of busing and a lot of walking. I told my friend T it will help me appreciate my car more. Tonight I'm dropping it off to get the car starter installed tomorrow and busing it to Keith's where we'll have dinner and then this evening walk over to my place. Then after work tomorrow I'm busing it back over to the place, picking it up, picking my brother up, dropping my car back off at a garage to get it undercoated (those Canadian winters are hell on cars!) and then walking over to Keith's. Then we may end up walking over to my place after Survivor. Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it. Although really this all may be a ploy to talk myself out of going to the gym tonight - you know tired legs and all! I also want to get my car cleaned up - I don't need so many people seeing what a slob I am.

I'm also getting a collection of bags at my desk. I'll go out at lunch and pick up a few x-mas presents here and there and rather than walk them home I'm waiting until I drive to work (which now looks like this Friday).

I think I had more to write but, alas, my time has run out. Work is just about over and I have to boogy it home (more walking!) and go to the gym (bleh) and then come home clean my car, call my mom and then go over to Keith's pick him up and go drop my car off. C'mon someone's gotta feel sorry for me : )

My eyes are going buggy. I must remember to take my contacts out when I get home - I don't have the luxury in forgetting since I'll be without a car this eve and it's to much of an inconvenience to go home on a whim. Sigh. I miss my car already.

4:17 p.m. - 2003-11-25


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