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Umm boyfriends should skip this entry

Man, I don't even know where to begin! I guess I can start by saying that I don't like it when I'm right...well in this case anyway.

I'm going to call the last couple days my 'car fiasco'. I swear all I wanted to do was get a car starter installed along with keyless entry. Apparently a job that takes 3-4 hours took 10 hours. Yup 10. Now I really don't believe it took 10 but that's how long they had my car hostage...I mean in their dwelling. But I think the thing I felt worse about was the fact that I dragged Keith with me cause I didn't want to take the bus alone - we were supposed to be back by 6 o'clock. Of course I was pretty upset about the whole thing. Did I mention that they broke a panel off my car (that apparently didn't need to be taken off in the first place) and they screwed up my steering (for which I'm going back tonight so they can fix their screw-up). Granted it's a new store but there was seriously no need for all this. The installer guy kept apologizing but for all this trouble and all this money (I had to add on $100 for a module that they thought I didn't need but..oops..yup it turns out I did need it!) I have already wrote my first draft this morning to their company. I'm a letter writer. I don't do so good when I'm 'fighting' with someone face to face but put a pen in my hand with some paper and I can be lethal. Sometimes it gets me nowhere othertimes I get quite a bit of satisfaction (and free stuff). But I don't do it for the free stuff...well that's a great bonus...but when some company pisses me off I want to be heard. Surprisingly McD's pissed me off and I wrote a letter but they never followed up...I've considered writing a bitch follow up letter but I have to be in the mood - and have the time.

So by the time I got done with "Best Buy" (yah that's the name of the lousy company) it was already 7 o'clock so I knew I wouldn't have time to pick my brother up, drop my car off at the garage and walk over to Keith's - by that time Survivor would be over! So I called T and she ended up following me to the garage, dropping my car off and then picking my brother up and heading over to Keith's. I felt all in a tizzy. I was so angry but I knew that once I started vocalizing my frustration that I would probably end up spewing swear words like a sailor and probably ending with a good cry. So I just internalized it. Said a few words about how much I hated the company and then tried to watch Survivor.

Okay so this is the thing about me. When I'm frustrated/upset/pissed off/hurt I most of the time internalize it unless I get a chance to bitch and let off some steam. Otherwise every little thing can bug me. Take for example last night. When I got back to Keith's with T and my brother, Keith was in a bit of a mood. Obviously I can understand why it had been a frustrating evening. At this point I wanted to scream that it was my stupid car that is now broke and I've just spent $400 for this stupid thing that was only supposed to cost at most $200. But I stayed quiet. Then at one point T made some joke I think at my expense and it was at that very moment I wanted to jump up slam the damn chili bowl down on the floor, tell them all where to go and run out crying. Then a little while later Keith was walking by me and makes a point to chastise me about having a piece of bread sitting on the arm of 'our' front of my friends. Again I wanted to throw shit and leave. But I just tried to laugh it off. I don't think I've ever told him that I really don't appreciate being told what to do...especially in front of my friends. It makes me feel demeaned. If he had just said, "maybe you should put a plate or a napkin under the bread' then I would have been fine...maybe...I don't know. My emotions were running high. See this is the thing about Keith reading my diary. I write to vent. I write things that bother me. I write about them and then I let them go...most times. I don't want him reading this and getting upset feelings. If this is the case then I may have to start another diary where I can write my 'true' feelings. So Keith if you're reading this...don't take it to heart. I'm venting.

I have to save some of this anger for after work when I take my car back to Best Buy and have them fix my steering. I don't think I was being negative or pessimistic when I said that my car would have problems....I was speaking from experience....I was being realistic. This is my luck and it always has been. Nothing car-wise seems to run smoothly for me. When I got my first car I was having problems getting a co-signer and the dealership that I was 'dealing' with said that they couldn't hold my car anymore cause I only had a certain number of days. I was so upset. But then...then I looked on my contract...and guess what I had another week...the fuckers screwed up the date and gave me a extra time. They tried to say that 'yah they made a mistake but sorry my time was still up.' "Oh no, you cock-suckers," I retored (okay I may be paraphrasing here, "this is a contract...signed by you and me...we go by what it says on the paper". They weren't happy with me but they had to hold the car and lo and behold my co-signer came through (my bf at the time) and I got my purple car. Good times. So you see that was just the beginning...maybe it was a bad omen about the beginning and I should have got another car but she was my purple beast and I loved her. I tend to get way to attached to my car. I actually was upset about leaving my grand am at Best Buy the other night. Although maybe I should have listened to my gut and not left my car in their not so capable hands.

AND to top this all off. I have 2 pairs of black pants. Exact same style and same size. I wore the first pair on Monday I believe...felt good all systems a go. Now today I wore the second pair...they feel tight. Stupid pants.

Stupid car problems.

Stupid dumb people who fix cars but actually break them! isn't it Friday?!


12:03 p.m. - 2003-11-27


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