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Big car troubles....big

Oh where to begin. The beginning? Why yes that sounds good.

Okay so yesterday I call the garage where my car was getting undercoated around lunch time. They were done. So I grabbed my umbrella and strolled on over. I say stroll but during the walk I kept getting this sharp pain in my back every once in a while...I blamed it on stress. So I get to the garage and then I got the news. My steering which I felt was out of whack....was seriously out of whack. The left front spring coil had broken. I knew when the guy dragged out the diagram we weren't talking quick, cheap fix. When all was said and done we were looking at $800. Sadly a few tears escaped from my eyes as he was adding up the figures. I tried to hold them back but this, this was the last straw. I asked him how this happened and he did say it was uncommon in a car as new as mine and it would have to happen by hitting a huge pothole or something to that affect. He said the buggers at Best Buy couldn't have done it...unless they had taken my car for a little ride around the lot and hit a pothole or median...these were my thoughts not his. But alas this would be impossible to prove. So I paid for my undercoating left the garage and went and sobbed in my car. I lost it. I had just spent $400 and now I was looking at another $800 -at Christmas time! My lunch would be over in 15 minutes and the man had told me not to drive too far in order to avoid doing anymore damage. I drove over to Keith's - walked up his steps - realized I forgot the rest of my keys at work and cried even harder. I banged on the door for a minute or so - I knew I was waking him up - but I needed to see him. He opened the door to find me blubbering in between those shaky cries trying to tell him about my car. He hugged me and things started to get better. We started phoning around to auto wreckers trying to price out the parts I would need - none had them my car is too new. As a last resort I emailed T who took action and called around to her 'people' and got me a good deal on the parts and with her mechanic. I'm supposed to call him on Monday and I am praying that this is really a good deal and I'm not gonna get screwed. I'm a little worried about the parts I ordered cause they were $125 for the pair - everywhere else was $147 each! I confirmed with the guy what I ordered and things look good....but still I won't breath a sigh of relief until they're in my car.

So I'm carless this weekend. I won't drive my car cause I don't want to do any damage to it. It should be an interesting weekend without a car....I can't remember the last time I was without a car for so long.

I couldn't believe how tired I was last night. All that crying and upset took a lot out of me. We rented a movie "The Core" or something like that. It never seemed to end and when it was finally over - around 10:30 I just wanted to crawl into bed I was so tired. So that's what we did. I felt bad for Keith cause I had him up so early but he was good about it and didn't make me feel bad about it. He slept for about an hour or me he slept...the snores told the truth. Then he got up and went to work. I snuggled back under the covers and let sleep take me again. This morning I woke up to a downpour of rain against my window. Then I realized I had to walk in this weather and didn't want to get up - then Keith called me and chatted for a bit and he made me get my lazy butt out of bed. Of course when I stepped outside and opened my umbrella and realized it was broke I was thisclose to walking straight back inside and saying screw it. But I huddled under my broken umbrella and walked to work in the rain. I was late. I didn't care. I whipped off a letter and sent it along with my umbrella to the company that makes it - don't worry I'm not going crazy - they have a lifetime warranty and the umbrella is only one month old.

I also wrote a letter to Best Buy to tell them what fuck ups they are. Paraphrasing.

This whole car problem feels surreal. Like it did when I had my first (and second) car accidents, and the time my car got broken into and the time my parents car got stolen and I watched the whole thing. I see my car sitting outside in its spot but then I remember that I can't drive it and I have to put a lot of moola into it. *sigh*

It's dark out. The rain/snow just stopped - I hope it holds off until I get to Keith's. I bought a new umbrella the same kind, different color - I'm gonna give it one more chance plus it has the warranty thing so yah.

I went out at lunch and bought a new lipstick. So now I have 2 things so far today that have put a smile on my face. The first one? A giant air-filled Santa that lights up that was sitting on someone's porch as I walked in the pouring rain this morning. It's good to know I can still find happiness in the smallest things.

4:05 p.m. - 2003-11-28


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