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Quick update time. Vroom Vroom. Yes! My car is fixed. We are now zooming all over town together - although I am now driving like an 80 year old woman as I don't want anything else to happen to her. I am loving this remote car starter - even though it was a HUGE pain in the ass to get it installed and the reprucussions from it is going to affect everyone's x-mas presents from me :)

Tonight is Survivor. I would like for Jon to die...I mean get voted off the island. He'll win.

My man is cooking pasta for me and the true blue Survivor followers. Apparently he made a cake this morning and we're having that for dessert. Oddly enough he told me this yesterday and last night I dreamt of cake. Yup.

I'm probably going x-mas shopping with my brother this weekend. Keep me in your prayers.

I have a wedding coming up on Feb 28/04 (that I'm going to not having!). I'm now starting to get in panic mode. As in I must lose weight NOW not tomorrow, not next week, NOW!

I want to put up my x-mas decorations this weekend. I have a lot. I figure if I do that then I can start 'packing' since I don't have enough room in my living room. Keith should be happy to hear about the packing part.

That's, of course, if he still wants me to move in. The J incident was re-hashed again last night. I don't know what I can do to convince that man that it was the worst mistake I've made and I wish I could take it back and that I love him and I am so so so so so so happy we found eachother.

I'm wearing all black today with a long red sweater - kind of festive.

I'm going to resume my search for pajamas this weekend. I looked yesterday for a little bit at the Sears outlet but couldn't find the right comfy/cute ones that I want. I do own pajamas but as Keith has pointed out an oversized man shirt isn't all that appropriate in front of his relatives. I can get away with it in front of my family cause they're used to seeing me like that. But I think I should look a bit more presentable at his family's. I normally sleep in the buff but I don't think that would be too appropriate either.

I just drank 2L water. Go me.


4:25 p.m. - 2003-12-04


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