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Well this has been one of my most un-productive days - and that's saying a lot. I'll blame it on Keith. He said 3 words to me on the monkey sex. He was reading my archives and came across an entry where I wrote those words...regarding the ex not him. He made fun of me for writing those words but I stand by them. Hot monkey sex sounds cool not dumb.

Anywho knowing that he was reading my archives I felt it was only fair that I refresh myself - lord knows I can't rely on this memory to keep track of my past.

So that's what I've been doing for the majority of the afternoon, reading my history. That and peeing - a lot. Okay I know water is supposed to be good for you - but seriously I can't see what it does. It seems all you do is drink it and then within half an hour pee. And then continue to pee every half hour until you stop drinking the water - I think I'm gonna call it a day 3L is enough. I just have to try and make it home with peeing myself.

So I managed to make it to work only a few minutes late - heh. Good thing I decided not to deep condition my hair this morning. I'm trying out the "Pantene" line of hair care products. I'm desperate to find any product that doesn't make my hair look like a big frizz ball and has the texture of hay.

So in Keith's perusal of my past entries he has realized that I am a bit obsessed with my weight. Yah...I am. Although my diary was my outlet so I wasn't obsessing over it as much as one would think. But when I'm not happy with how I look and feel I write about it. Although I've toned it down cause no one (including myself) wants to read how upset I am about it day in and day out.

So this weekend was the opposite of today. It was totally productive. I am 98% done my x-mas shopping. This is so cool. I can hardly believe it. Normally I have small piddly things to get up until the last day or two but I am rocking with the gifts this year. First my brother and I went out on Saturday and shopped ALL day. Then Sunday Keith and I went and did a bit more shopping in the afternoon. We were both pretty grouchy though when we got home. It could have something to do with the fact that he had been up since 5:30am and me since 8:30 (although I would like to point out that he woke me up at 8:30 - it wasn't by choice!). So by 4 that afternoon we were pretty grouchy. I was tired and way too full (evil evil pizza hut buffet). He was just tired. But we made it through until his nap time. After dinner (gawd I have no idea how I fit more food into me after lunch!) we headed over to my place where I had good intentions of starting my x-mas wrapping. Instead I put out my x-mas decorations. I have 2 boxes worth. Yah..I'm too much. I decided to hold off on wrapping since I don't like to be rushed (it was getting late) and I like to watch some x-mas shows on the tube while I do it or at least have some x-mas carols playing) I need the whole vibe thing to be happening.

Almost quittin' time. I've gotta walk home, pack my gym bag, get gas (for the car!), pick up my pkg from puro, go to the gym and then to Keith's...whew.

Tomorrow is my team's x-mas lunch. For the first time we're leaving early 2:30 and not coming back to work. Usually we get the shaft and have only one hour and then have to come back to work unlike the rest of the teams in the office. Not this year baby. Which reminds me I have to make another stop tonight - the liquor store - the gift I got for my co-worker in the secret santa involves booze. C'mon we work in admin - we definately need the booze.

Oh look just enough time to read a few more archives and take a couple more pees. :P

4:05 p.m. - 2003-12-08


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