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Not so short...and not so sweet either...

Oh where to start. So many things fluttering inside my head. Well let's start with the car issue. The installer took a look at my car last night and fixed my steering problem. Yay. I spoke to the manager who refunded me $115 bucks - bigger yay. They were actually quite nice about it all and the installer, Brian, kept apologizing over and over. They broke off a small panel on the passenger side door - they ordered the part from GM but it was the wrong color. They've re-ordered it so my contact with them hasn't been cut quite yet. Brian offered to stop by before or after his shift to install it. I told him that I would just come in one of these days. He's just trying to get in my least that's what I was telling Keith yesterday. I think the installer might have got reemed out and just wants to get rid of me. I hope he didn't get into to much trouble. I'm just glad this whole thing is over (for the most part).

The check-up didn't take as long as I thought it would so Keith and I drove down the road and were just in time to catch the early show for Love Actually. I don't recall him jumping for joy over this fact. But surprisingly it turned out to be a really good movie - even he said so! I'm a sap and cried in a few places. I cry at cartoon movies too - so yah. I was stuffed from lunch so Keith forbade me to get popcorn...yah forbade! He said if I ate popcorn then I wouldn't want any dinner...knowing he was right I didn't get any popcorn. But I did get my free pop (I love coupons). Both the movie and the pop were free. I'm a frugal gal. Yah so after the movie we headed over to triple..I mean Wendy's and got some food to go - well a lot of food but the majority was his. We had the food and then Keith started looking at me with those bedroom eyes. He'll love that term I'm sure! So needless to say we went to bed at 10 I think? But of course when all was said and done (censored for young readers...heh) we didn't go to sleep until one a.m. Wow - don't we sound like machines? Yah baby. Okay okay we also spent some of the time 'talking'. Mostly about my journal and stuff that he's read...clarifying all that good stuff. Actually it wasn't all that good cause we tend to talk about the same issues. We weren't fighting or anything but he wants to know basically why I did what I did. He also wants me to put myself in his shoes. And normally I am the kind of person who does this with everything in my life - mainly the reason why I don't fight with people a lot - or the reason why I just let the Best Buy thing kinda go (involving the major car repair I had done). But this time I'm finding it hard to put myself in his shoes. So before I say more on the matter I'm gonna give myself time to think about it. Role play in my head if you will.

In other news I've been venting a lot...regarding my best friend S. My brother (who I swear should be a minister cause he's just that nice) is telling me to let it go and that it's x-mas etc etc. Which for the most part I agree with. This is the story. Way back when, S decided that Keith and I should host our annual friends x-mas party cause S and he guy have done it for a few years and so have other mutual friends of ours. Keith and I talked about it but his place is pretty small - long story short - T decided to host it at her place. Fine and dandy. I sent out an email - everyone was cool - except S. She was going to be away that night. Could we change it? Long story short - we didn't want to change it. We didn't want to have it on the Friday and the weekend after my brother would be gone and I wanted him to partake in the festivities. Anywho many emails went back and forth amongst a few of us (not really S cause she doesn't work at computer during the day). Everyone was torn. So finally S decided that she would just throw the bash herself on the Friday. Not the day we wanted. Then to add insult to injury she put in her email something to the affect that we were expected to bring food. I mean I know this is petty. And God love her but she does this all the time! She just ends up rubbing me the wrong way. She says things that if were only worded differently there would be no offense taken. But over the years my tolernce level has become very small. I get annoyed now at these little issues. As a wee bit of revenge my friend T and I were going to bring a bottle of PC cola and no name chips. Petty - yes. But funny. We won't of course do this but oh how that girl rubs me wrong. I vent to my boyfriend, to my brother and to my friends. Venting gets it out of my system thus I won't one day just explode on her. Cause what I would explode to her over isn't worth losing our friendship. So I continue to go in my stages. We hang out now only occasionally, I'm talking once a month here...not counting Survivor nights which she hasn't really been attending anyway. I hope that my feelings towards her will change for the better in the future and we can go back to our easy going friendship that we've had for many years. As it is next week I'm supposed to go out with C and T to a little x-mas dinner where we'll exchange presents, it was unanimously (sp?) voted that it would just be the 3 of us - no S. I feel kinda guilty about this. But truthfully the 3 of us are exchanging presents and S only gets me a present so C and T don't get her one either. So I guess it would be kinda awkward everyone getting multiple gifts except her....that and I think we're a little peeved over this whole party she-bang. I know I am. I guess you would have to understand our history to understand my beefs more but trust me I'm not as insane as I sound...or as mean to my friends! Anywho, I just got back from the category of what else could happen to I was heating up my lunch (left over cannolis that my boy made for us the other night and so nicely gave me the leftovers) in the middle of the heating process my microwave shuts off and goes blank. signs of life at all. I try the plug cause hey that's the most obvious- still no signs of life. It's dead. I'm hoping my boy will be able to shed some light on this for me and perform a miracle and fix it. You don't know how much you depend on a microwave until you can't use it. Suddenly all these foods that I microwaved started zooming through my mind. Ahh the conveniences of today - how do we live without them? I have an aunt and uncle that live in the middle of nowhere - literally - a small log cabin - wood stove for running water - nuthin'. Outhouse and all. They've lived there for probably about 10 years. Crazy. I can't even imagine. I've stayed out there for weekends and that's about all I can take. I have no idea how I got off on that tangent! Regardless I will cease now. I believe I'm rambling cause I have the time - I'm at reception for the rest of the afternoon. I feel kinda bad cause Keith has to work this evening and I'm sorta happy about that! You see my place is a sty - as I believe I've mentioned recently - and I desperately need time to clean my place and wrap my gifts. Of course T put a wrench in my plans by forcing me to go swimming tonight. There was no way I could get rid of her. She was threatening to come over and 'help' me clean. Which means we'd either drink or I'd watch her try and throw out everything I own. So I compromised. I wouldn't go to the gym (cause I was planning on it)instead I'd stay home and start my dirty work and then take a break and go swimming with her and then afterwards go back to cleaning and wrapping. Although I think I may have a bit of bad karma happening here for being kinda happy my boy is working. There's a spot on my back that is hurting like a son of a bitch. It's like a knot but at the same time breathing is a little sore. I'm falling apart obviously. Well I will cease to ramble and instead go and read some journals. I find I'm adding more and more to my favourites. Apparently the sign up for gold membership has risen (thus more banners to click on). Thankfully I'm finding some pretty good ones. Off to do some reading... and to rub my back against anything that will make it feel better! I need my swirlpool. I guess it's a good thing I'm going to the gym. Plus....these oh so tender breasts of mine just wouldn't do so well on a gym at the machine right now -man I hate when aunt flo comes to visit...she could at least have the decency to make her arrival inconspicuous and it would be nice if she could make it a nice short visit.

12:15 p.m. - 2003-12-10


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