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So goes another x-mas

Happy....ummm...almost New Years? Yah, that's the best I can come up with. I'm at work and it's pretty dead. Duh. My Christmas was excellent. A lot of driving but I'm used to that. I took Wednesday off and just tried to organize everything. We made it to Keith's parents around 6 o'clock but it was a bit of chaos so we ended up not going to church (my first time in almost forever). We did end up staying up until the wee hours of the morning and playing games - very fun. Keith and I got to sleep in the same bed so that was a treat. Although the bed was kinda small and not the most comfortable but we made the most of it...heh. We were up pretty early x-mas morn and finally ended up opening our gifts around 9-ish I think. I got 3 dvd's and a small bath set of my favourite scent from the body shop. $100 doesn't go far these days but I was very happy with my gifts. Around noon Keith and I loaded my car back up and took off for my parents place which is a solid 2 hours from Kitchener but we were about 40 minutes on the other side of Kitchener so our drive was going to take even longer. We had excellent weather and the road conditions were great plus the traffic was pretty light and since I have a led food we made it to the Beav in a little over 2 hours. Excellent time. Considering that on the way back we had good weather but bad traffic and we made it home in about 4 hours (okay we stopped to eat in that time too but still it was a long drive back). But I'm getting ahead of myself. We arrived at my parents to a chaotic scene of part of my family preparing the x-mas meal and setting up etc. Soon everyone started to arrive (in all about 20 of us). Dinner was excellent even though I was at the 2nd table which got the food passed around after the first table - which was bigger - got theirs. There always has to be something to gripe about! We had talked our parents into opening the presents after the meal and after we put away one of the tables. They were a little leery cause they thought some people wouldn't get gifts - but we're a giving family and give gifts to relatives who don't make a habit of giving gifts. That part worked out well but next year we're going to work on the opening part. It was like a free for all. My sister in law started handing out gifts left right and centre and everyone tore into them. I missed watching people open my gifts to them and seeing the expressions on their face. We have a very small limit so it takes some creativity to buy/make gifts so we have to have some pay off. Luckily my parents agreed with me and said next year we'll do it in a more organized fashion. The next few days were spent relaxing and of course being put to some kind of work (my parents never ever rest). I tried so hard to work up the courage to tell my parents about Keith and I moving in together but I couldn't. As we drove away I was pretty disappointed in myself and almost started crying. I wanted to tell them but I chickened out. Keith was pretty good about it and we talked briefly about it and then let it drop. I'm working up the nerve to tell them this week (hopefully tonight) since Jan 1 is not to far away and that's when I have to give my notice. I've been telling all my co-workers today as practice I guess. They're all really happy for me and see the sense of moving in together. I only wish it could be so easy with my parents. But I'm not gonna write about that cause I'm already on edge enough just thinking about it. Anywho after our long drive back to Keith's parents for turkey dinner we sat around for a while and then decided to head back home so we could open our presents to eachother. Ah fresh air. Half of his family smokes and after a while I felt the need to stick my head out the door. I'm okay with people smoking but when 4-5 people light up in a small room my head starts to pound. Plus the stinkiness of it all. Anywho eventually Keith and I got all our presents in one place and began to unwrap. He got me awesome gifts. Although he did give me a couple of them beforehand. One was a dolphin watch (very cool - although I might be allergic to it - not so cool), a ring (now don't get all excited - not 'that' kind of ring - just a cool copper ring which tends to turn my finger green, but we're fixing that problem. Yah so I got those gifts before x-mas cause Keith couldn't wait. Then I opened my other gifts which included the new Michael Bolton cd and a huge body massage pad. It's pretty cool but of course it doesn't get him out of giving me real massages...hehe. I gave him mostly clothes. It was seriously hard buying for this guy...unless of course I wanted to go way over our limit. So I hope he liked the gifts I got him. Afterwards we retired to the bedroom for a very short period of time cause as soon as we layed down my stomach began to cramp and then for the rest of the night I was so nauseous I avoided moving unless absolutely necessary. I hate puking with a passion. So I took some pepto and sat very still for the majority of the night. Finally a few hours later I started feeling better and went to bed around 1:30. I have no idea what I ate that didn't agree with me. Sunday we were crazy people and went to the mall. We looked around for a bit but walked out empty handed. We were supposed to grocery shop but someone was tired and getting a wee bit cranky so we only bought enough food for dinner and then headed home. My game plan was to call my parents while Keith was napping before work but you can probably guess that it didn't happen - otherwise this entry would be totally different! Again I chickened out. I've sort of resolved to call my parents tonight and do it. I think the more I built it up in my head the worse it gets. At least once it's out I can deal with the consequences....whatever they may be.

I was going to write a little recap about my year but I'm tired. I'm considering taking a quick walk up to tim's and having my second coffee of the day...yah it's one of those days. I just couldn't sleep last night. I had a little talk with God about what's coming up and not much of anything was decided but I figure I can use all the help I can get and hey God is a good one to have on your side if you can manage it. After that I was wound up tighter than...well something or other cause all I did was toss and turn and that pissed me off a lot. Finally around 1am or something like that I think I actually fell asleep until my rude alarm clock woke me up and then my boy called so that was all good. I told him that when we live together he's probably gonna wait outside the door until he hears my alarm go off and then come barreling in to wake me up. He stated he probably won't be home from work by then but rest assured if he is he'll do the above.

Okay it's about ten to one. I'm getting a coffee. The day is dead. Businesses are closed and people are enjoying their time off which I guess works out good for my office. Come next week it's gonna be a whole new ball game I'll finally be working under my new job title which was given to me about 3 months ago? Can't remember it's been that long! Maybe if I have some down time this aft. I'll write another entry. 2 in one there's something to think about.

12:46 p.m. - 2003-12-29


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