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Not an interesting all

I have little more than half an hour left of the day but still I feel that I won't have enough time to write a proper entry. Maybe cause I'm at reception so I get numerous interruptions from 'customers'. I wrote an entry on New Years Day but didn't like it so I deleted it half way through.

My New Years went really well. I had a swell time. Keith and I decided to forgo any parties and spend the night on our own - it being our first and all. Plus we're not that big on crowds. We're more of the intimate and low key type. My friend T was throwing a party. I spoke to her today and apparently it was the kind of new years that people just wanted to stay home so her party mostly consisted of her boyfriends family which was okay by her since there were quite a few of them. She also told me a story that kind of pissed me off. Apparently she ran into Dave (S's husband - yah he gets his full name I guess he should feel privelaged). Anywho he asked her what she was doing for new years and she told him about the party. She also told him that Keith and myself would be doing our own thang. Apparently Dave went on a bit of a tangent/rant about how Keith and I spend too much time together? I mean what business is it of his? Now I know that S must be bitching to him about it. Besides the fact that Keith and I have been dating less than a year of course we want to spend all our time together. We enjoy it so why not. Plus the fact that I also hang out with C and T either seperately or the three of us. You see S doesn't know about these times because we chose to go without her. It may seem mean but really it does make sense, cause the 3 of us used to work together and we'll sit there and gossip about everyone and what's happening etc. Plus you know, I'm not gonna include S in every single outing I have with other friends. The other day when I was picking her up I realized that I'm the only friend S has out here. She had a few she met at the temp agency but they have sort of fallen by the wayside so now it's just me. So while I spread myself between S, T and C and Keith she just has Dave. Dave is an annoying s.o.b. Man she better never find this site huh? Our friendship would be over. I've never told her outright that I don't like her man and what I think of him because I respect our friendship too much. Plus what would it accomplish? It's not like she'd divorce him. She obviously loves him for who he is. So there you have it. After T told me the gossip I was a little peeved but I'll just have to remind myself that S has no one else and she's probably just blowing steam off when she talks to her hubby. At least I tell myself that so I don't go 'off' on her one day. It was good hanging out with her the other day. She called me up and wanted to get together cause Dave was going out with his friends. I was in the middle of a cleaning spree but I invited her over to have a chat and whatnot. She agreed but then told me she had no car cause Dave took it. I almost thought of blowing her off but then decided I would just go pick her up. Of course I made her wait half an hour (a bit of petty revenge). But then once she was over things turned out better than I thought. I don't know what we were talking about but somehow we started remembering that we put a time capsule together a few years ago. Sure enough I dug around in my room and found a time capsule but that was just mine. We did a video tape. My brother, S, J and myself. We were bored one Sunday after church when S and I were visiting. At the beginning it's so dry and boring. Everyone is falling asleep and have no enthusiasm then half way through we start to pick up speed and get hyper and silly. J and I weren't dating so it's not that bad a tape. It was actually pretty funny watching material. It made me realize how much of a good friendship S and I had. I'm not quite sure how we happened to drift apart...maybe it's just one of those things. But for me, right now, it's still worth the effort to keep it going. She's talking now about moving back to Toronto. If that happens we'll probably become better friends. Weird I know.

Anywho I can't much think of anything else at the moment. Here comes my boss.

Well it's time to book it out of here. This was a pretty pointless entry! Ah well.

3:53 p.m. - 2004-01-05


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