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Who's a tired girl!?

I need a nap. Ever since lunch my eyes have been half open. Of course it doesn't help that I'm still full from lunch. A full belly equals a sleepy girl. I had left over burritos from dinner last night. They were yummy-licious. Okay I made that word up - I'm tired. Anywho before I started eating I was starving. I was pretty sure the burritos wouldn't fill me. Heh. See what I know? Of course it didn't help that after the burritos while I was sitting there surfing the net (pretty much what I had been doing all morning at reception except this time without interruptions) I had a chocolate craving so I dug through my desk and found some Wunderbar pumpkins. I had decided on one or two to satisfy the craving...yah the whole bag is in the garbage now. Oops. So much for cutting back on sweets. But c'mon it's like one week away from that whole girl-y thing so I should be forgiven. Plus my low fat dessert (skinny cows) was at home in the freezer. I bought them last night to try out and they were grrrreat. I was going to say yummerlicious but now I'm just getting silly.

As for my lack of sleep I'm a little peeved or it. Sunday night I went to bed late so I knew I had to go to bed early last night. Well I went to bed around 9pm but so did Keith. Heh. Yah anywho we ended up talking till around 11 and then we sort of layed there until he got up to go to work and I rolled over and started drifting into a nice sleep then I remembered I had to take a certain 'pill' that shouldn't be skipped. So I got out of bed took the pill, decided to brush my teeth and by the time I got back in bed - wide awake! Wide awake. So I picked up my book and read for awhile off and on. I would try and fool myself and turn off the light but to no avail so I would start to read again. I think I finally turned off the light the final time around 12:30 or so. Needless to say morning came way to fast. As I layed there and listened to the news the weatherman was giving us the grim forecast of a really cold day with snow. A couple highways were closed and at this point I realized our receptionist wouldn't be able to make it in in this weather so I got my butt in gear and got to work at least 3 minutes early - I know! I was so proud of myself too! So yah that's what I've been doing all day. Sitting here at reception. It was crazy busy first thing this morning but this afternoon is pretty dead. More time to read diary's so that's cool.

Oh by the by I might have been a minute or two earlier if I hadn't laid around talking to my boy this morning when he called. What? I like to blame my lateness on other people! So anywho Keith called to give me my morning kisses over the phone - okay I made that up too. I am just on a roll today I tell ya! Basically he called to tell me he was watching Finding Nemo. We don't own Finding Nemo so this could only mean one thing - he got his little card all hooked up (or whatever it is that gets him lots and lots of channels). Of course all I seemed to concentrate on was the fact that he now gets all the porn that he can handle. Yah I can be a bit wacky cause that's all I concentrated on. Don't ask. I think I'll drop this subject now.

So tonight I'm having a turkey dinner. Quaint don't ya think? What with all the snow falling and winter-like weather we're finally getting. It's -8 out but they say with the windchill it's -20 out. Although our security guard and I are having different opinions over that. He poo poo's the whole 'wind chill' thing. I told him to park his car at my place tomorrow morning and we'd walk to work tomorrow morning together. Then he can tell me about not believing in that whole wind chill thing. I actually wore a hat this morning. I never wear hats. But -20 seemed like a time not to worry about silly hat head. I'm glad I wore it or I swear I would have turned back. Althouh hindsight being what it is maybe that would have been a good thing. Since my two 'partners' both called in sick again. My manager called me a little later in the morning and said my one co-worker who shared all the work with me yesterday called in sick today. I said okay. I wasn't worried cause I'm at reception and since that's the 'most important' job then all the rest of the work would have to wait. It turned out she was just kidding and my co-worker was here. Funny manager. Anyway back to the turkey. What's so special about this turkey? Well this turkey has been sitting in my freezer for approximately one year! My parents gave it to me last x-mas and I just never got around to cooking it. Cause seriously it's a lot of work to cook turkey for one person! Apparently Keith was gonna get up at a decent hour and start cooking the bird so we could have it for dinner. If he didn't saturate himself with too much porn this morning then I should be eating a nice turkey dinner tonight....but I won't hold my breath. Heh.

Have I mentioned I'm tired?

So last night before dinner Keith and I did a little grocery shopping. We now have about 50 boxes of Kraft dinner and 50 cans of tuna between us. Scary. It's on sale at a really good price and Mr Can't-pass-up-a-bargain had to make sure we were stocked up for a good year on this stuff. We only got about 20 cans of pasta and sauce. I had a really good joke for all that but my brain has abandoned me. I think I'm gonna try getting a decent nights sleep tonight. Although tonight is Keith's night 'off' so he'll be roaring to probably stay up but I got a plan...I'll just turn on the porn channel and then slowly back away until he becomes transfixed on the screen.

*Disclaimer - anything I said (in the above paragraphs cannot be held against me cause I'm a tired girl. Cheers!

3:15 p.m. - 2004-01-06


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