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Middle of the week....already?!

Whoa...hear the crack of that whip baby! No, this isn't some perverted entry. I'm talking about work - sorry to disappoint! Our manager just emailed our team saying that we make to many outgoing calls and if this continues she's gonna get a list of the numbers we call and speak to us individually. I'm a shakin'. Not really. I make the odd call out mostly to T but that's about it. Keith avoids the phone like the plague so I definately don't call him. Although I was a tad worried when my manager mentioned how she 'monitors' phone calls on a regular basis - meaning she spy's on our conversations. No big deal except she's sometimes the target of our conversations - you know the usual bitching session about work etc. But yah I guess it wouldn't be to great if she listened in on one of my conversations when I'm griping about her. Gotta watch my back a little more carefully. I noticed that I can sometimes start to take things for granted around here and be a little...shall we say....sarcastic....or maybe not as respectful as I should be. Anywho watching the p's and q's that's me. Speaking of work...hey I'm on a tangent so why not? I'm again at reception - which I expected as I listened to our weather forecast this morning. One of my partners was back the other is still sick. The one who is back hasn't been cross trained how to do any of my work so she's kinda useless except for getting her own stuff done - which really doesn't affect me. But yah so I'm walking by her work station during a brief break and she has this huge ass desk and I can just feel the resentment start to boil up. There's a story behind that desk. You see in my stupid organization it's all about politics. At one point only certain job titles could get this certain desk. It had a certain look etc. Even though this job title was in the works of becoming extinct and melding into my job title the person who had this job (C at the time) had to get this desk - orders from head office. So she gets this new desk and whatnot. Well lo and behold her title changed and she was now my partner. Her desk stayed. She ended up leaving cause she wanted better. The desk sat empty. I had a window seat so I wasn't moving. It gets even pettier. In that 'cube' there were 2 overhead bins. I have none. I requested one....not in my job title they tell me. I now have binders on the floor. (oh I also have a table as part of my desk cause the original moveable - up and down- one went to someone else who 'needed' it - I apparently could go screw myself. So I requested an overhead bin - nada. Now I walk by this cube with this newbie in it (I have more seniority) and she's got a huge ass (moveable desk) and 2 overhead bins. My manager thinks I'm being petty and just want it for the sake of having it. Obviously she chooses to ignore the crap around my desk on the floor. My chiro tells me that I should have someone look at my desk and chair cause my back is getting better but it could probably be better if my work set up was more ergonomic. We have 2 ergo's in the office so this wouldn't be hard to set up. So anyway I'm kind of sick and tired of griping to my boss and I really don't want to make an issue cause I don't want the new girl to feel bad but jeez can't a girl just get an overhead bin without having to jump through 42 hoops? No I didn't think so either.

End of rant. So I think I was a wee bit grumpy with the beau this morning. Due to the fact that I was tired. Again I fell asleep around 12:30 or so. It seems that as soon as I lay my tired head down my body's like 'play time'. Hey get up - get up! Let's do somethin'! Hey let's read that book beside your bed - it's pretty good. So I read the book. What can I do? Yah so Keith called and I was pissy over the fact that he's been watching movies non-stop. I think I'm back to wanting him to watch porn. At least this way when I'm over there or when we're at the video store he won't be like 'seen that - next'. That will piss me off to no end. He says he's watching movies that I wouldn't be interested in. He watched Anger Management yesterday. Everytime we were in the video store I would point it out 'nope didn't interest him'. I saw it when it came out but I like Adam Sandler so I was willing to watch it again. I like watching reactions of other people especially when I know how it ends. I will cease bitching about this in a few days cause by then he will have watched all the movies available. Okay so I'm still super grumpy right now over this. I better quit talking about it.

It's cold out again today. No surprise there. I had on my thermal leggings so I was comfortable walking to work - no hat just earmuffs, I couldn't stand another day of hat head plus it wasn't blowing snow out. I debated wheather to walk to tim's this morning at break cause the thermal was off and my pants are thin summer material. But since the phrase 'sell my soul to the devil' for a coffee kept entering my head I knew I needed it bad. So I forewent the thermal underthings and speed walked my way up the street for my java fix. Man was it cold. I now appreciate those plain, white, old thermals so much more.

So I'm debating something. You remember that time capsule video S and I watched? Well along with it there was another tape. It was a tape of the eclipse which happened in 2000. Not very exciting and definately not something I would watch again. Anywho on that tape is J. About an hour of J talking in to the camera saying how much he misses me and how much he loves me (we weren't dating - he was trying to get me away from the evil P). So in this video he goes wandering around his house and yah it's snoreville basically. There's footage of his whole house (a few times - he taped this over 2 days) and footage of his sister and his dog (who has since passed away). You see, normally I would chuck the video, but because of that stupid footage with his house and especially his dog I'm now considering giving him the tape. But I don't want this to look like this is anything more than it is. I can only imagine if his gf finds it and there he is moping around his house, sitting in front of the camera holding up pictures of's actually kind of creepy if I think about it to much. I chalk it up to him living in a small town and having no life. Although I also chalk it up to dramatics, cause during this so called 'infatuation' with me he managed to de-flower a virgin - yah really pining away for me wasn't he. Of course I didn't find this out till years later - he was smart not telling me back then - it probably would have changed the course of our whole relationship - but then again probably not - he was very convincing when it came to him telling me how much he wanted to be with me - tears and all. Now maybe if his dog wasn't dead and I didn't know how much that damn dog meant to him then I would just forget about it but that stupid part of me that has a conscience won't let myself. I did consider giving it to my brother and he could pass it on but that's getting kinda childish and well, if my brother watched it, he would probably gag and nobody needs to see this tape. Seriously if any of my friends saw it they would totally understand why I was a basketcase when J and I broke up. The guy was very convincing in letting me know that we were meant to be. Whatever. I figure I'll either let it go until I forget about and deal with it another time or if I do end up talking to him then maybe making arrangements to mail it out to him if he wants it.

I think I have an idea about falling asleep tonight. Maybe I'll set my clock to show that it's 12:30 and fool my body that it's really late when it's only like 10pm. Just an idea. I haven't figured out all the particulars.

Well here's to a good nights sleep. I'm outta here. Or almost at least. But I'm starting to shut down now. I got some outgoing personal calls to make...heh.

3:21 p.m. - 2004-01-07


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