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I think I bitch about work too much

My left eye is still twitchy. Enough I say. Enough.

So I can almost see my desk. I'm afraid cause after I'm done lunch I'm gonna have to start digging through all the crap and making sense of the piles of paper spread everywhere. I made the mistake of going to reception first thing this morning. I saw our receptionist in the lobby and I went there cause I had to get all the crap I left there (it accumulates pretty fast when you've been there 3 days in a row). I made the mistake of telling her she had a meeting at 9am (truthfully she wouldn't have checked her email until well after 9). So she asked me to stay and I said yes. The meeting was only an hour and a half. But then I see her running down the hall with pillows to the women's washroom, she mumbled another co-workers name. I stood there and someone asked if I should go check on her. Like they couldn't do it themselves. So finally I went to the washroom and asked if there was something I could do. She asked me to watch out for the paramedics cause she called 911 for a co-worker. Drama. I haven't heard officially what happened but word on the street was that the co-worker took some meds and had a reaction - shaking uncontrollably and vomiting up blood etc. Not pretty. So our receptionist drove to the hospital to be with her cause she has no family who lives around here. Thus I was stuck at reception all morning long. The kicker? My co-worker who was back today (after being off all week) comes down to relieve me at break. You see I respectively gave her time to catch up on her work and whatnot (even though mine has been piling on my desk everyday since last Wednesday!). So after I had break I kind of expected the co-worker to offer to sit at the desk so I could *finally* go up and wade through my stuff - nope. Nary a word was said. She was out of there pretty fast but not before we had a brief conversation about what is going to happen now regarding work since we're expected to start our new rotational schedule that we havent' had time to finish. She made some comment that she hasn't even learned certain stats that I do - but she doesn't totally blame me. What the f*ck? Why would *any* of the blame be placed on me? I'm not gonna go over to her desk, drag her back to mine and force her to learn something?! She's an adult. Plus whenever I go get the binder I need from her to do the stats, she knows that I'm doing them then....thus if she wanted to learn them that would have been the opportune time. Yah that comment pissed me off - to say the least. And just now my manager walked over to my cube and told me that after lunch we're having a meeting. Grrrrreat no desk clearing. Cause there's gonna be mail and puro and shit to do and I just *know* that my co-worker will be like, "well I did it this morning so I guess it's your turn". Forget the fact that I havent' had a chance to be at my desk longer than an hour - which was only for my lunch. Okay I really gotta stop here. Get worked up much? Yah.

On to something more positive. I got a good nights sleep last night - finally! I got home from work and ditched my clothes and jumped into bed. I read for a bit then closed my eyes - a nice 20 minute nap occured. That's the maximum that I can sleep for naps otherwise I feel like crap. Then I headed over to Keith's. I was cranky so I didn't jump on the bed and wake him up. I turned on the light and told him to get up and went back into the living room and watched tv. Bitchy eh? Yah I was. I was still upset about the whole movie thing. When he eventually came out we discovered this his card went down - no more movies, no more porn. Oddly enough I'm not really upset about this. It's nice to watch movies for free and porn to I guess but I don't know it kind of creeped me out that my boyfriend was spending so much time in front of the tv. It sucks you in you know. Anywho after dinner we headed over to my place (at my request) and we layed down. Around 10:45 I think we both fell asleep. I stirred a bit when he left but otherwise I kept right on sleeping and didn't wake up till the beeping of my alarm - bliss!

Tonight Keith and I have our first chiro appointment together. We're hoping to go in together and watch eachother get our backs cracked - I know we're soooo romantic.

A lady at work got yellow roses today. I was at the reception desk when the guy brought them in. I was hoping they had my name on them. *sigh*. I want flowers. Not really but still it would be cool to get flowers and walk through the office holding them over your head, yelling out, "look everyone...look how special I am!". Or just walk through grinning ear to ear knowing everyone is jealous.

Well lunch time is over - gotta go and put on my fightin' gloves - meeting time with the boss!

1:53 a.m. - 2004-01-08


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