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Breaking the chain...of bitching...

You know looking back at my last few entries....I bitch way to much about work. It's not something I set out to do but once I make a comment suddenly my fingers are flying across the keyboarding spewing all the pent up venom I have in my system regarding work. I must quit this. It helps for the moment but I really gotta stop it ain't healthy. Plus and this is the bad part it's only gonna get worse before it gets better. I anticipate about a month of hell - at least. So I'm gonna try and concentrate on everything BUT work. Here goes nothin'.

It's frickin' freezing out. I'm really getting tired of the cold. I mean, I know we were spoiled during the whole x-mas period but this is just insane.

I walked up to the postal outlet at lunch to send a pkg to Nova Scotia (it's my bridesmaid dress - I told my mom I had mailed it yesterday - a tiny tiny white lie). So you see why I had to walk in the freezin' cold to mail this thing.

Yah so talking to my mom on the phone last night was a little awkward. Now that the whole 'moving in with my boyfriend' conversation went down I'm a little leery on speaking with my parents. There's a bit of tenseness if you will. Although that could all be on my part. But last night I tried to keep the conversation relaxed and casual. We talked about our trip down to NS at the end of February. Of course after the conversation I started getting all melancholy and stuff just thinking about leaving Keith for a week and a half. How wrong is that? Yup I'm a real independant woman. I'm kind of hoping my brother goes on the trip too so my parents won't try to grill me all the way down about Keith's and mine 'plans for the future'.

As it is I seem to have wedding on the brain. All this talk of it has brought it front and centre to the brain. Poor Keith probably thinks I'm wedding crazy, all the crazy dreams I've been having lately. Rest assured he's safe for a while. I do have a part of me that is quite rational.

I told him last night that this summer I wanted to do more stuff know go on walks (they call it hiking but not in the true sense - just a pair of walking shoes and maybe a bottle of water - casual, fun). Of course he kind of put the kibosh on it saying that he sleeps in late on the weekends cause of work. Kind of put the wind out of my sails I tell ya. But then I realized that even if he couldn't it doesn't mean I can't phone up one of my friends and make and afternoon of it (most likely C, maybe even S, I doubt T!). This is what happens when you do everything with your guy you forget that there are other people out there who can do stuff with.

Speaking of which at the end of the month I have an outing planned. Not quite as innocent as hiking though. We're throwing a friend a bachlorette party. This is a friend who none of us associate with on a 'social' level except for S. I see the girl a couple of times a year. But S offered to throw her a party cause she doesn't really have any friends that will. We're going to C's and doing a little pre-partying and then we're taking the bachlorette the male strippers. And Keith is just thrilled beyond belief about this let me tell ya. This is what happens when I spill all my guts about what happened the last time I went BEFORE we started dating. Although on the man cruise we were dating but still I was a good girl. No lap dances taht time. And the only reason I got one the first time was out of curiosity...c'mon I am curious-me! But I guess I shouldn't have told Keith how the stripper asked to grope my breasts instead....they're big.

Yah so anyway I'm looking forward to hangin' with the girls. When we all get together we have quite the blast.

Well 15 minutes to go. I gotta go prepare myself for the walk home. This morning was brutal. It wasn't that cold out but no one had shovelled their sidewalks so I was walking over mini-hills the whole way here...and then throw in a few slips on the ice and it made for one sore back for the rest of the day. Walking home it will be way more cold and I seriously doubt anyone has shovelled their sidewalks. I told Keith I was going to the gym but I fear I may be thawing out at home and taking some pills for the sore back. Good times.

God I'm not even 30 yet. How sad. Maybe I should go to the gym.

3:43 p.m. - 2004-01-13


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