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Bbbbboring entry...hey it's hump day...

Well really I don't have much to talk about but I'm stuck at reception for another half hour so I gotta do something! This morning has been going by so s-l-o-w. This afternoon I'll be crazy busy catching up on my work but until then I have to kill some time. I started out by cleaning out my hotmail account. I had a lot of old emails mostly from my single girl days when I was online dating. I deleted all of them except for the ones from Keith. Those ones still make me smile. Ah the early days of a relationship. We were both on such good behaviour! He listened to Michael Bolton and watched Gilmore Girls....nowadays you wouldn't get him to do either one! Well voluntarily - and not without a lot of bitching. Where was I? Oh right, the glow of first love. Right. Next topic.

So besides going through my emails I also read some of my archives. I first tried to read some of my fave journallers but only a few had updated...ahem. So I was forced to re-read my own. Man, I had a lot of energy. I was going all sorts of places and doing the gym every day! Insane I was. Single too - so it wasn't all good! Although I did get to watch all the crap tv I wanted without someone poo-poo'ing my choices. Heh.

So last night I got home - frozen as predicted. I walked into the wind the whole way home - my thermals weren't protecting me yesterday let me tell ya. I huddled on my couch for a while trying to get the warmth back in my body. I had scrapped the idea of going to the gym on my way home cause I was to damn cold to think about grabbing my gym bag and heading back out into this insane weather. I was planning on doing some yoga though cause I thought my back would appreciate it. But alas I let the practical side of me take over and I washed dishes and prepared my lunch for today instead. By that time it was time to head over to the boy's so I got ready and then spent about 15 minutes scraping the ice off my car (freezing rain - nice). I considered that a mini work out...what? I broke a sweat -although it then instantly froze on my body but whatever. I tried to replace a part that Best Buy had broken on my car (and then ordered the wrong color) at the GM dealership but obviously they don't see fit to have their parts counter open to past 5. I mean hey us working joe's love to try and work out a scenario to get there before 5! Not. So that didn't fly. We ended up doing some grocery shopping. Keith was in a good mood but I wasn't flowing with the mood of it all. He would make a comment (teasingly of course) and I would arch an eyebrow, give him the look and turn around and walk away. Don't know if he noticed it or not. I wasn't trying to be pissy I just was in one of those sensitive moods where unless your significant other is holding you close and crooning about how much they love and appreciate you - I didn't want to hear it. But we both survived the night and had a nice dinner of homemade pizza. Afterwards we went back to my place and around 11 Keith layed down with me until I fell alseep...okay writing that it dawns on me what a great guy I have! I mean it's like -20 out with the windchill and he comes over to my place just to lie down with me and stays for about an hour at the most and then gets up and walks home in this crazy weather. Although we did stop for chocolate on the way home cause he was having a craving (maybe I was too). But still what a guy!

Of course I did end up waking up frustrated. I was having a dream that I was trying to find a place to have sex with my guy - at my parents house! But there was family everywhere and we kept getting interrupted. Lovely dream eh?

Well I think I've sufficiently bored everyone to death! I will kill my last 10 minutes staring at my nails. Ah the good times just never end!

12:30 p.m. - 2004-01-14


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