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Snow days are cool - if you get 'em that is

Why don't work places have snow days? Seriously that would be ultra-cool. Listening to the radio this morning every school is closed and exams are called off for those lucky kids. All kinds of highways in the surrounding area are pretty much closed off or have so many accidents on them they might as well be closed. Luckily for me (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) I'm close by. I did drive today though. There was a parking spot available and I took advantage of it. There's a biting wind and the sidewalks are far from being cleared off. Apparently people aren't all that concerned about people who walk in front of their houses. I know there are laws - but really who is going to enforce them? Just take my boyfriends place for example - it snows and the tenant in the main part of the house shovels his walk area, and the sidewalk but the path leading to the stairs on the side of the house is left unshoveled. It's a minor annonance at first but now with all the snow that has fallen in the past few weeks it's - for lack of a bette word! It's apparently the landlord's responsibility but good luck trying to enforce that. Whatevah - at least I don't live there. Heh.

I'm a wee bit worried. My throat is very mildy sore. This is how 99% of all my colds start. If its still sore tonight then I know a cold is inevitable. Dang. It. All. I do not want to get sick. Especially on a weekend! Fight the power.

Well at least I have something to occupy my time today. I'm at reception so I get to sit back and relax. I found a new journal from someone in my area (cool) so I'm reading her archives. Although work is slow we're getting some weird ducks in today, one guy came in and asked for money....I asked him for what...cigarretes he answered. The security guard escorted him out. Then just now a delivery guy came with a bag full of fortune cookies. No contact name - the wrong extension of the person who ordered it. It was to funny to be annoying. When I got up this morning I really wasn't in the mood for dressing for work. So I threw on a pair of 'yoga' pants which are black and still new enough to pass for work clothes and a black t-shirt. But I threw a red sweater over it, and voila a presentable enough outfit for work. We won't even talk about the hair or face. My face is rebelling. It doesn't seem to like the vast amount of chocolate that my body requires to survive. The hair? It likes pony tales. Really it does.

My boy called me this morning (which he frequently does). But this time I wasn't to happy to hear from him. He had said that odds were he would be done work about the same time I would be getting up so he would most likely stop by in the morning - sigh - but it was not to be. He finished work early and got home normal time. Good for him. Bad for me. Spoiled girl I am.

Today my lunch is at one. It's now 12:35. I'm starving. I luv switching lunch hours back and forth like this - really I do. My stomach loves to be in suspense on when I will feed it food next. Humph.

Well back to my reading. And watching the snow...and praying for a snow day tommorow...for us work kids too!

12:05 p.m. - 2004-01-22


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