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Well the weather outside is frightful....I would finish the rest of the lyrics but they wouldn't be true. Cause it ain't delightful being at work let me tell ya. We're still in our 'storm watch' mode. Yesterday work let people who live outside of our area to leave around 3. Today they get to leave at 2. I told Keith this and he asked if I got lieu time. I laughed and said no. Then I started thinking about it and yah I should get lieu time. I mean, I made the choice to move close to work. Other people made the choice to live far away - to heck with the consequences. Okay so they have to face a crappy ride home but still I have to sit here and cover for half the office. I'm really not as bitchy as I seem...I swear.

I've spent the morning at reception reading journals. It's been a pretty uneventful morning. The walk here was fun. Not. I was thisclose to turning around getting my car. Nobody had shovelled their sidewalks (some for weeks now) but yah it was brutal. I was doing a half jog a lot of the way so I wouldn't get stuck in some snowbank. You know you're out of shape when...

So I obviously made it one piece, even though I walked on the road for a lot of my walk. I'm tired. Even though I went to bed at a decent hour. Sort of.

Last night I walked home from work with good intentions of going to the gym when I left work. But on my walk home my back began to get progressively sore. I'm thinking it was due to my inmobility all day. I guess it was pretty cranky when I did start moving it. This is my first week without a chiro appointment. So by the time I got home I just wanted to lie down in any way that made my back not hurt. I told Keith I would have gladly laid down on the snow on the way home but I was afraid people would have stopped their cars thinking I had passed out on the sidewalk. So I managed to find a semi-comfort position and layed like that for awhile. Then I ended up watching Dr. Phil for a while and trying to motivate myself to at least do some yoga or any kind of exercise. But laziness won out. Driving over to Keith's was less than fun. Half way there the road turned to crap. It was all I could do to not drift into a snowbank. So by the time I got there, I told him that we were definately in for the night. Keith ended up making an awesome homemade pizza and we vegged for the night. Around 10 we made our way over to my place and a little while after we laid down. I was downright tired so it didn't take me long to drift into dreamland. I felt bad though. It had started to rain - freezing rain - and Keith had to walk to work in it. Bad girlfriend. Then two times in the night I woke up due to the rain hitting my bedroom windwow (which is above my bed). I ended up going to my couch on both occasions. I would fall asleep for about half an hour and then wake up and go back to my bed. I didn't get a wake up call from Keith, so I'm guessing he either finished early or late. Then of course, I'm all worried about him. I'm a worry wart by nature but I don't think he knows this about me. I mean any bad thing that could happen, I picture it. For instance. My brother just emailed me to break the bad news that he can't come to NS with us cause he's gonna be housesitting - in Winnipeg! Insane - I say. But anywho he's excited cause he's never been on a plane ride. So of course bad bad pictures enter my head regarding planes - I won't elaborate cause you all know what I'm talking about. Even my driving down to NS in a month has me worrying. Bad storm...bad driving conditions - that sort of thing.

I'm kinda stressed at the moment. I wanted to write this entry but then we had a phone situation that distracted me and my lunch hour is over. Now I have a whole bunch of crap to do and I have to go. Plus to be honest - the entry I was writing in my head was way more wittier than this. I was about to delete this until I saw how much I have written. Ah well this will have to do.

But I guess it's all for the best, cause I'm gonna burst soon with this whole valentine present secret running through my brain. Good thing S and I are going out to lunch tomorrow - I gotta spill.

2:07 a.m. - 2004-01-27


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