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Sleep deprived.....

So last night the sandman and I seemed to keep missing eachother. Well actually, damnit, I'm gonna blame it all on him. I was there. Laying in bed, waiting for him to come and sprinkle the sanddust so I could sleep. It's not even like I went to bed early or at my usually sleepy time. I waited the extra few hours, factoring in the weekend, for him to come. Nada. He left me hanging.

All this to say that I am damn tired. For some reason sleep was not my friend this weekend. Friday night I went to bed around 2 and was up at 9:30...what the f*ck? Then Saturday night us crazy girls crashed a little after 2. Admittedly we did get up at 10 but it was not a deep sleep. I slept beside T in a squeeky bed. Every time she moved I would wake and vica versa. I tried to take a nap yesterday afternoon when I got home but I felt 'guilty'. The sun was out for the first time in days and the weather was actually bearable, so I guess my mind thought I should be out enjoying it not sleeping. Again a restless sleep. Then last night. Oh boy. I probably would have slept better if I hadn't been so upset over the situation with my boyfriend. Bottom line is I felt rejected - after a week of being rejected. Not a fun place to be. So going to sleep was tough. But a few hours later I eventually drifted off then the dreams started. Oh man the dreams. All night long I dreamt that I was late for school - my first day. I was worried and anxious and I was making my lunch and it was taking forever. There were a few other scenarios but the school one is the one that stands out the most. But the other one was an anxiety one too. I should get a dream book. It would be interesting to know what I'm so anxious about. Nothing I can think of at the moment.

But then again thinking isn't the easiest thing to do right now. My mind seems to be on half power. Too little sleep and maybe all the alcohol I drank on Saturday seem to be the causes.

This morning Keith stopped by just as I was about to leave. Very sweet. He had warned me last night that he might not call me this morning if he had to work late (his way of letting me know he's not pissed about our conversation and my subsequent crying). Yah so I followed him to his work in his bosses car and then drove him home. Of course as I was following him a few car lenghts behind I totally zoomed by his entrance - the brain was definately not working this morning.

After work I got my chiro appointment and then a bra sizing appointment. I was trying to figure out a way to squeeze a workout at the gym in but yah you guessed it - too much brain power would be required for that.

I'm gonna write about the weekend in detail later on. Right now all I would be able to say would be = girls, alcohol and naked men. The adjectives just aren't there.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I left half an hour early. Yah.....but at this point who cares.....not me. Sweet dreams.

4:06 p.m. - 2004-02-02


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